iOS 12: an extraordinary Concept summarizes the functions most desired by users. Enjoy this video!

Today we show you iOS12 concept with really well-done animations. Here is how the next operating system is envisaged that will be presented next June 4th during the WWDC Keynote 2018.

It starts with a new Lockscreen that includes dynamic backgrounds that can move even without using the 3D Touch. Then we find the “Complications”, just like on Apple Watch, to quickly show the messages to read, the temperature, calls people, physical activities and so on.

Continue with the Notifications, grouped according to the application.

A new HUD to adjust the volume without occupying the entire central part of the screen, but reserving a small space at the top of the display (in the center for iPhone 8 and earlier, or in the left side on iPhone X)


A complete Redesign of the Reminder application, with larger writings and color-style cards with the most updated iOS Apps (App Store, Apple Music, etc.).

A redesigned Multitasking where you can swipe your finger to the right or left to go to recently opened apps or swipe from bottom to top to view both the recent apps and the Control Center at the same time.

Even Siri, in addition to being more intelligent, should be redesigned to occupy a small part at the top of the screen instead of the entire display.


Finally, the FaceTime group video calls to connect more people at the same time. A nice novelty for OLED displays would be the Always On mode, characterized by the time, the flashlight icon and a dot (Apple Watch style) for Notifications.

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