The Wonder Woman actress, Gal Gadot, advertises Huawei tweeting from the iPhone

Gal Gadot, an actress known in particular for her starring role in the film Wonder Woman, has become Huawei’s “brand ambassador” for several months. Given this position, the actress yesterday shared a tweet on the social network to publicize Huawei Mate 10. There was, however, a drawback … The well-known… Read More

Analyst: The iPhone X with a 6.1 “LCD screen will not have the 3D Touch

The analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has always anticipated the news of Apple with surgical precision over the years. Today he comes back to talk about the next iPhone with details concerning the cheapest model without an OLED screen. Let’s take a step back. Kuo thinks that 3 iPhone… Read More

Apple works on a wireless AR / VR viewer with two 8K displays

According to CNET, a very reliable source close to Apple claims that the Californian company is working on the development of a viewer that will combine augmented reality and virtual reality. The glasses will mount two 8K displays, one for each eye, and will not need to be connected to a computer or smartphone… Read More

Tony Fadell, the “father of iPod”: “Apple must do something to counter the iPhone’s addiction”

Tony Fadell, former Apple employee also known as the “father of iPod”, believes that Apple has a responsibility to counter the problem of iPhone addiction. According to him what is needed is the equivalent of a council on nutrition and then a way to keep track of… Read More

“Netflix is ​​the anti-Apple”, word of CEO Reed Hastings

At the TED 2018 conference held in Vancouver from April 10th to 14th, Reed Hastings, CEO of the streaming giant Netflix, stated that his company is the anti-Apple company, mainly referring to the management methods adopted for this purpose. concerning the organization of work. We are the anti-Apple. They… Read More

Do you want Facebook without advertising? Here is what the price to pay would be

After the scandal of Cambridge Analytica, some analysts have imagined a paid plan for Facebook. Thanks to it the user could suspend the display of advertising banners, paying a monthly fee. Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook, has never definitively ruled out the arrival of a premium subscription for… Read More

An iPhone user spends an average of $ 58 per year on the App Store

According to a recent Store Intelligence analysis, the average US user spent $ 58 in the App Store during 2017. Overall spending is, therefore, increasing compared to $ 47 spent in 2016. More and more users are buying games, applications, and services within the App… Read More

iPhone X (alone) has generated 35% of the profits of the entire smartphone market

Apple has often generated the majority of smartphone sector profit thanks to its iPhone. In the last quarter of 2017, however, sales did not go as planned and the percentage this year has dropped dramatically. In 2015, Apple had registered 92% of the earnings from the… Read More

WhatsApp for Android continues to store images and videos on servers, even after deletion

Whatsapp has silently added a new feature in the Android version of the application that on the one hand is a benefit and on the other raises new controversy. Until recently, when an Android user received an image or video from a friend and then deleted… Read More

iOS 12: an extraordinary Concept summarizes the functions most desired by users. Enjoy this video!

Today we show you iOS12 concept with really well-done animations. Here is how the next operating system is envisaged that will be presented next June 4th during the WWDC Keynote 2018. It starts with a new Lockscreen that includes dynamic backgrounds that can move even without… Read More

A beautiful Concept imagines the next Apple headphones with a design inspired by HomePod [Video]

After seeing a – not too captivating – Concept of curved iPhone, let’s redone our eyes with another concept created by the guys at Curved-Labs. These are new over-ear headphones, with which Apple could recall the style of HomePod further increasing that sense of continuity typical of… Read More

The new video clip of John Legend was shot entirely with a Google Pixel 2! [Video]

The smartphone manufacturers in recent years are really indulging, launching on the market devices with excellent photographic modules, able to record videos of undoubted quality. Well, the video of the last single by John Legend, or “A Good Night”, was entirely shot using a Google Pixel 2. The… Read More

Here are the new Intel processors that will be used in the 2018 MacBooks

Yesterday, Intel announced the new high-end laptop processors. Most likely these CPUs will be used in the MacBooks coming out this year. Just in recent days there was rumored a permanent abandonment of Intel’s processors by Apple. According to the latest rumors, in fact, Apple would like… Read More

The battery life of the Galaxy S9 is lower than average Android Phones, even compared to the iPhone X

iPhone X and Samsung Galaxy S9 are the top of the range of the moment and undergo several comparative tests. The last, related to the battery capacity, have shown that the S9 is less than Android competitors but also to Apple. The Galaxy S9 has an… Read More

Apple fishing at home Google to improve Siri: hired John Giannandrea

Apple has hired the now former head of the Google AI section John Giannandrea, reports The New York Times. The news came from an internal email from Tim Cook, in which he wrote that ” John shares our focus on privacy and our thoughtful approach to creating increasingly intelligent… Read More