HomePod will receive OTA updates via the iOS Home app

New information arrives regarding the Apple HomePod audio speaker. The new device coming out next week will be updated with new firmware released by the Cupertino company. Updates will take place “over the air” through the iOS Home app.

As with most Apple products, the HomePod will also receive software updates. The device will, in fact, be constantly connected to the internet to provide us with the help of the voice assistant Siri, but also to play songs from Apple Music. The software updates will probably be aimed at supporting new Siri functions or optimizing the quality of the output sound through the numerous sensors in the device.

Through the information contained in iOS 11.2.5, we have discovered that the HomePod updates will take place “over the air”. This means that we will have to use our iPhone and the native Home app to update the speaker. The process will be similar to that used to update Apple Watch’s watchOS, only that we will use another application to do so.

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