With Apple’s Marzipan project, only one app will work on Mac, iPhone and iPad!

Bloomberg anticipated what could be the biggest news of Apple’s 2018 from the software side that will characterize the entire WWDC. The project currently bears the name ” Marzipan ” as its code name and the aim is to allow cross-platform development.

With this project, Apple wants to eliminate the huge difference between the App Store of iOS and the Mac, the first studded with millions of high-quality apps, while the second does not receive an update from 2014, offers a catalog limited with important missing apps, a limited and non-competitive choice regarding prices and offers that instead, developers can propose directly on the websites.

Marzipan will lead to a unique store with universal apps. We can then run iPhone apps on the Mac and this would also explain why the App Store was removed from iTunes.

Already from the iMac Pro, Apple has added the coprocessor of the iPhone on the computer and this trend could continue in the future ensuring the compatibility of all the apps without the latter must be rewritten in any way. Marzipan would be a nice breakthrough for the Mac, one of the biggest changes of the last 5 years.

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