With Apple’s Marzipan project, only one app will work on Mac, iPhone and iPad!

Bloomberg anticipated what could be the biggest news of Apple’s 2018 from the software side that will characterize the entire WWDC. The project currently bears the name ” Marzipan ” as its code name and the aim is to allow cross-platform development. With this project, Apple wants to eliminate the… Read More

Google Maps vs Apple Maps: the differences still feel a lot

Apple Maps have definitely improved in recent years but still lag far behind that of Google. An expert cartographer has compared the two maps, revealing that Google’s are much more detailed, including buildings and metadata accumulated over several years of development. Thanks to satellite vision,… Read More

Apple orders 200 million OLED screens from Samsung: a 20 billion dollar contract

The Investor reports that, despite the commitment of LG and other companies, for 2018 Apple has already ordered 200 million OLED screens from Samsung, so that confirms collaboration between the two company, already  Samsung responsible for the production of displays for iPhone X. It is a… Read More

Apple responds to the controversy about the performance of the iPhone that drops when the battery ages

At the beginning of the week, the developer at Geekbench shared the result of detailed tests that the iPhone 6s and 7 with a battery used for many months, have lower performance compared to devices with brand new battery. The correlation between battery status and performance… Read More

AirPods unobtainable: on the Apple Store Online delivery sled to January 2018!

Were you thinking of buying AirPods as a last-minute gift for Christmas? Hope that luck is on your side because the stocks seem to be really limited. Apple’s wireless headsets continue to be very popular with users, but it seems really hard to buy them now. In fact, by consulting… Read More

Instagram now allows you to follow a particular hashtag

Instagram is gradually releasing a new function dedicated to all users. Thanks to it you can follow a particular hashtag to see the photos and videos associated with it directly in your feed. Searching for a hashtag in the appropriate search section, or simply pressing on… Read More

Phil Schiller from Apple: “For many users, iPad Pro can replace a PC”

Phil Schiller, Apple’s SVP, believes iPad Pro can be both a replacement for a PC and a Mac support device. In an interview with the T3 magazine, Schiller spoke about the iPad Pro and other Apple-branded products. The SVP of the company of Cupertino has declared that the precise use of… Read More

Apple interested in buying Shazam for 400 million dollars

After a close collaboration that lasted a few years, it seems that now Apple has decided to bring to an end the complete acquisition of Shazam, the most popular and used song recognition service in the world. With Shazam just a few seconds of audio… Read More

Jony Ive returns to lead the Apple design team two years later

Jony Ive is back to lead the design team of Apple. Confirmation came after some rumors circulated following recent changes to the “Apple Leadership” page on the company’s official website. An Apple spokesman has confirmed to Bloomberg that Jony Ive has returned to manage the team after the completion of Apple… Read More

Is your iPhone slower and slower? It could be the fault of the worn-out battery

According to numerous reports on Reddit, Apple’s iOS would use a kind of low-performance mode, with a CPU downclock, to avoid sudden restarts of devices with worn batteries. The Reddit TeckFire user posted the Geekbench results before and after replacing the battery on a used iPhone 6s. Before replacing the battery, the… Read More

Phil Schiller:Face ID is far superior to the technologies implemented by competitors

Phil Schiller, head of Apple marketing, recently gave an interview to the Bright.nl site, talking about various topics and in particular Face ID. According to Schiller, one of Apple’s main goals with Face ID is to make security “simple”. The Californian company believes that Face ID is superior to other… Read More

Apple, finally, manages to produce the iPhone X without too much trouble

According to DigiTimes, Apple has reduced the demand for components for the iPhone X. The news comes directly from the suppliers of the 4 key components of the iPhone X. In October the demand was very high, also because the company had to face the… Read More

Apple celebrates the holiday season with a concert by Gwen Stefani at the Beer Bash event

To celebrate the Christmas holidays, Apple held a Beer Bash event with guest the singer Gwen Stefani. It is almost a tradition for the Cupertino company to organize events like this, and several employees have shared their experience with photos and videos on Twitter. A huge thanks… Read More

Face ID does not work after updating to iOS 11.2? A restart solves the problem

Following the update to iOS 11.2, some users with iPhone X have complained about a problem with Face ID. This firmware was released in a rush because in the previous version there was a bug, called by all “Bug of 2 December”, which caused endless… Read More

Halide: one of the best applications for taking professional photos from the iPhone

Halide – RAW Manual Camera – Chroma Noir LLC For those who do not know it, Halide is a photo application for iOS, which offers numerous tools to improve the quality of our photographs. In this article we will go to discover it together, trying to understand what… Read More