Apple Releases iOS 11.0.1 for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch [LINK TO DOWNLOAD]

Quite unexpectedly, Apple has just released iOS 11.0.1 for everyone, jumping the beta phase. Bugs to fix in iOS 11 are so many, probably Apple started from the Mail Exchange Bugs already reported. All new developments in this release will be reported in a special article. The… Read More

Replacing the rear glass of iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus can cost up to $ 399!

Apple reassures its users of the high resistance of the rear glass on the new models of the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus , but its repair may even exceed the cost of repairing the display! After launching the new Apple home smartphones, as usual, we saw the disassembly of… Read More

iPhone SE with edge-to-edge display of iPhone X: here’s how it would [Video]

It is what guys have imagined  , with some rendering showing a 4.7-inch OLED screen iPhone while still retaining the current design of the current iPhone SE. The concept is conceived with a display similar to iPhone X , adding rounded corners, but introduces the dual camera back and… Read More

Apple would have discarded the idea of ​​an 5.3-inch OLED iPhone but could come up with a 6 “

It is not the first time that it is spoken, but Apple would have set aside the idea of ​​a smaller iPhone X for next year, with a 5.28 “OLED display . Suppliers have revealed that there will not be a full-screen iPhone with a small size, as… Read More

Apple releases macOS High Sierra in final version

Apple has just released the definitive version  of MacOS High Sierra  10.13 (17A365). This is the final version, downloadable directly from the Mac App Store, in the “Updates” section MacOS High Sierra is the first desktop operating system based on the Apple File System . The current file system has been designed with the… Read More

Apple releases iOS 11 in final, for all: Here’s the LINK TO DOWNLOAD

After a long beta test, iOS 11 is finally available for everyone. The wait is over. After 3 months of development, Apple has just made available the final version of IOS 11 that contains hundreds of news we’re going to see in a complete way in… Read More

iPhone X: Although it costs more, it offers lower profit margins for Apple

The iPhone X is very expensive, yet it is the smartphone that offers less profit margins to Apple. The cost of the components needed to produce it is indeed very high. The Wall Street Journal has released its own analysis, comparing the cost of production of the iPhone… Read More

Apple upgrades App Store guidelines: banned “antivirus” and Face ID usage under 13 years of age

With new guidelines Apple would ban apps that allow viruses to be detected and improper use of Face ID A few days ago, in conjunction with the upcoming arrival of iOS 11, Apple released the new developer guidelines, accessible for those who are interested in… Read More

Kaspersky confirms that Face ID is much safer than the Touch ID

Kaspersky also confirms that Face ID is a much safer system than the previous Touch ID. iPhone X abandons the Home button and introduces the Face ID as the unlocking system by replacing the Touch ID. Apple pointed out that Face ID is indeed a lot safer than… Read More

iPhone X and iPhone 8 Charge to 50% in 30 Minutes With Fast-Charge…

It has been announced that the new iPhone models will feature a fast recharge mode Although yesterday’s Apple conference was not taken into account, it has emerged that the new models of iPhone X and Phone 8 will present, for the first time ever, the fast recharge option. This means that… Read More

The iPhone X is really powerful and even exceeds the MacBook Pro 13 in benchmarks

Talking about iPhone X we have already heard several times saying “The price is absurd .. it’s a phone but it costs as much as a computer.” Actually the price is very high but at performance level, this new iPhone is also more than a… Read More

The long-awaited iPhone X is finally here

Here is the long-awaited iPhone X (reads iPhone Ten), the most anticipated device of the year. A device made entirely of glass, both in the back and in the front, except the frame that is metal. Super Retina Display from 5.8 “with 458ppi, the biggest… Read More

Apple presents iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus with glass back

Apple introduces new iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus with rear glass body and improved features The third point in the ladder is iPhone and it’s time for iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus , and Phil Schiller goes upstairs to present the new device. Schiller explains that the… Read More

Discovered the 7th generation iPod Touch with Face ID

Within the iOS 11 GM source code, references to the new iPod Touch version were found Significant details from iOS 11 GM continue to emerge. Today  leaker  Benjamin Geskin has shared a recent discovery about a new iPod Touch model. In addition to presenting the new iPhone 8… Read More

The new Apple TV will include a new remote control with haptic feedback

The next-generation Apple TV could include a redesigned remote control and new tactile features Now that we also know the name of the next generation Apple TV , another patch adds and takes pathos to the presentation of tomorrow’s event and this time concerns the Siri remote control of… Read More