Apple used a secret web site to hire a cloud infrastructure specialist

Apple was (is it?) Looking for a candidate with knowledge on modern servers and web services, and more. However, the announcement was published on the web in a somewhat “singular way”.

hidden , and now unavailable page of the Apple site was apparently used by the company to hire an engineer to work on critical infrastructure component.

The page – available at – was “discovered” by Zachnet publisher Zach Whittaker, who talked about “exabytes” of data, “tens of thousands” of servers, and ” Millions “of disks. The Cupertino company was therefore looking for a candidate to create and implement modular web applications and services, familiar with Java 8, modern servers and distributed systems.

We do not know when Apple decide to make the page unreachable, and if it has found the right candidate. The company asked to send their curriculum to “blob-recruiting [at]”.

Via | AppleInsider

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