All bugs and problems of iOS 11 collected in one article continuously updated [30]

After seeing the news of iOS 11, now we see all the bugs of iOS 11 Beta 1 in an article in continuous updating, also thanks to your contributions in the comments.

iOS 11 has a lot of news but also several bugs. All the changes we have already collected in an article that from time to time we are continuing to update. In this post instead, we go to see all the problems of the first beta version.

1. the battery life is lower than in iOS 10.3. It also tends to overheat more easily.
2. by opening applications or by scrolling lists, there are often glitches, blocks and slowdowns.
3. When you vibrate the icons to move or delete them, you often can’t “take” and move.

4. When we write an email and click on the Send button, no action is often performed.

5. When we try to send live Photos via airdrop to other iphones, often the relay fails and the only way to succeed in transferring the file is to edit it, disabling the live photo and sending as a simple static photo. AirDrop is generally slower even in preparing files when sending.
6. by tapping the icons in the App Store tabs repeatedly, the content does not update. The App Store in Beta 1 has static content screens. The new apps in the tab “Today”, the one dedicated to games and applications, will appear starting from Beta 2.
7. Sometimes when we drag down the springboard, the spotlight does not appear for the search
8. sporadically some icons may disappear and reappear on another page
9. the rotation of springboard and lockscreen in landscape mode causes large alignment problems. Widgets take up less space than the due and even returning to vertical continue to display poorly until a reboot of the device.
10. If we use different backgrounds between lockscreen and Springboard, the one is often shown in place of the other.
11. Apps in the background often can’t really stay up to date
12. The App store fails to update applications from time to time. The only way to fix it is to reboot the device.
13. There are some graphical glitches in various sections of the operating system
14. sporadically, when we connect the phone to the lightning cable for charging, the iphone will reboot.
15. The 3d Touch sometimes does not behave like it should
16. in some iphone applications there is the drag & drop. It may sound nice but it is actually a bug because Apple has confirmed that it will only be present on ipad.
17. In addition to bugs in the operating system, there are other issues with third-party applications downloaded from the App Store. Sometimes applications crash at startup. Or better, they open but before loading the content they remain locked until they crash.
18. on Telegram, when we send an image and add a caption, as soon as we click the Send button will not happen nothing.
19. on WhatsApp sometimes the keyboard covers the text and we do not see what we write. Also, when we are in a conversation screen, the number of unread chats overlaps the user’s avatar and is more difficult to return to the previous screen.
20. WhatsApp web disconnects continuously. You need to start WhatsApp on the iphone to reconnect it.
21. The Bluetooth button in the control center does not work.
22. If we watch a video or listen to a song with the AirPods and click on a notification to switch to another application, the audio will go away. In fact, when we return to the video and click the Play button, the movie will go on but without audio. The only way to solve is to enter “Settings > Bluetooth > AirPods > Disconnect Accessory” and then reconnect them.

23. If during video playback click twice in a “blank” point, the player exits full screen mode and the video pauses.
24. the auto brightness always tends to bring the screen illumination to the minimum, resulting in really hard to read. Especially when playing a video or movie. You should turn it off.
25. Sometimes turning the lockscreen horizontally and then vertically, the background disappears, showing a whole black one.
26. the widget with the music mini-player that appears in Lockscreen sometimes remains fixed on the page even when there is nothing playing. It should disappear but instead it locks permanently and is very annoying. Other times it displays poorly.
27. The YouTube application does not display the top bar on which the search button is also displayed.
28. You cannot redeem redeem codes to download free apps in the App Store.
29. problems with Bluetooth systems of some cars.
30. Sometimes the camera does not start. The app opens but the shutter remains closed and the images are not displayed on the screen.

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