Today the iPhone is 10 years old! Here are many interesting things about the arrival of the device | Editorial

We retrace all the first 10 years of the history of the iPhone It was introduced in January and six months later, June 29, 2007, the first iPhone arrived in American stores. Today is the tenth anniversary and it is only right to say a few… Read More

Samsung re-launches “Smart Switch”, the application which helps iPhone users (and Android) to switch to the new Galaxy

Even Samsung, like Apple, has created a new page on its official website, to help users move to the Galaxy. On the page it is available to download also an application called Smart Switch that allows you to quickly migrate data from a previous Android smartphone to… Read More

iPhone 8: the final render showing exactly how it should be [Video]

We have seen many, more than any other year, but this should be the final concept. The next iPhone 8 should be exactly like this: The shape, the camera and the front design should be just as shown in this video. The only question (compared to the… Read More

The iOS 11 public beta is now available! Here’s how to install it [GUIDE]

Monday is Apple’s favorite day to release new firmware. The’ve been waiting for 3 weeks and finally came the first public beta of iOS 11. First of all we want to warn you that this is still a beta version of iOS 11 firmware. These are… Read More

The return of a large company: Nokia seeks to reinvent itself in different sectors

Nokia still has patents and technologies that allow him to create new products and find new outlets for a great return on the market. The company intends to “rise from the ashes” Nokia finally seems to be back. Not so much in the field of smartphones, but… Read More

Scott Forstall tells us how the first iPhone was Created: insights, challenges and hatred of Microsoft

Scott Forstall former Apple executive who led the development of iOS has remained out of the spotlight for many years since he left the company. Today was interviewed and stated that the first iPhone is also born to his credit but the main reasons that led… Read More

A sixteen year old earns $ 24,000 repairing iPhone during the summer break

Even the classic summer jobs in USA, are behind the times. Until a few years ago it was sporadic occupations and with a rather narrow wage today some young pretty savvy are putting aside considerable sums thanks to technology, it is the case of a high… Read More

iPhone 8: new images promise to reveal the final design of the device

The iPhone 8 is a real goose that lays golden eggs for manufacturers of accessories. Olixar knows this and wants to be the first to offer a large variety of cases to choose from at launch. The manufacturer has promised to unveil the final design of… Read More

Apple hires two important executives from Sony Pictures TV for video content management

Apple pushes on the accelerator to establish itself in the field of TV content. The company has hired two experts in the field prior to the Sony Picture Television. Apple today announced that Jamie Erlicht and Zack Van Amburg will join the company to help it create and… Read More

The first real traces of the iPhone 8 appearing on the Web

The next iPhone 8 will have a display that will occupy the entire front of the device. There will also be functional area within which displays the virtual Home button and other dynamic buttons that will change depending on the application open. Based on this information… Read More

Apple Launches First Event to promote Apple Pay: 3 days of discounts and offers for every purchase

Apple launched the first event to promote Apple Pay in the United States. This time will cover only an area of ​​San Francisco with discounts on purchases made June 23 to 25, but the event is likely to be repeated in other areas. To promote Apple… Read More

Apple officially declares: we are building a system for autonomous driving, no car

We talk about it for over a year but only now, for the first time, Apple’s CEO said to be working on an autonomous driving system for passenger cars. In an interview with Bloomberg, Tim Cook also said that Apple is not making a product, then forget… Read More

iPhone 8: New images from the Foxconn factories confirm aspects of design

The iPhone 8 has entered mass production. What we see in these images should be the part of the metal mold. Here are some confirmations on design. The next iPhone 8 will be  all-glass both in front and in back. The two sides will, however, held together by… Read More

The first images of the glass panels of the iPhone 8?

The iPhone 8 is entered into production and these should be the images of the front and back panels of the device. For the first time the “real” components are shown as well. Concept, mockup, dummy and technical diagrams of the iPhone 8 are gearing up,… Read More

All bugs and problems of iOS 11 collected in one article continuously updated [30]

After seeing the news of iOS 11, now we see all the bugs of iOS 11 Beta 1 in an article in continuous updating, also thanks to your contributions in the comments. iOS 11 has a lot of news but also several bugs. All the… Read More