iPhone 8 will have a 3D form on the camera can recognize the faces as the release system

According to the report , LG Innotek will be seized of producing this form, the same company that last year was responsible for the double iPhone camera 7 Plus.

We do not know how many modules have been ordered for the initial launch (defined as the number of units) but we know that cost 177 million dollars. LG Innoteck, to be able to produce them on time, has had to expand its facilities, at a cost of 238 million.

KGI is also agreed that the next iPhone will have a 3D camera with a high-precision laser sensor capable of recognizing and identifying faces and the distance from the screen. It ‘s always safer than among the next device unlocking methods we will own facial recognition, but we do not know if it will replace the Touch ID or not.

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