New iPhone 8 diagrams reveal the presence of 3D sensors for FaceTime Camera

By now the leak of iPhone 8 are on the agenda. The last in chronological order comes from Benjamin Geskin who shared new images that show the patterns and a smartphone CAD rendering. The diagrams reveal that a top of the OLED display of the… Read More

Essential Phone: the father of Android features the new full-screen modular smartphone

Submission Essential Phone, the first smartphone of the new company founded by Andy Rubin. The smartphone has all the cards on the table to give a hard time to the top of the range established companies such as Apple and Samsung. The new company Essential… Read More

An iPhone 6s two years exceeds the new Galaxy S8 in a speed test

Speed ​​test between the Samsung Galaxy S8, top Korean range presented in 2017, and iPhone 6s with two years ago technology is still very powerful. Speed ​​Challenge between the two giants devices. PhoneBuff put on one side the new Samsung Galaxy S8, cool presentation, while… Read More

TSMC iPhone 8 chip maker confirms fingerprint-scanning display

The location of the Touch ID iPhone 8 will be a rumor that will accompany us until the day of the presentation of the iPhone. From China, however, arrive important details on the fingerprint sensor and other details of the iPhone 8. According to the findings… Read More

The real revolution of the iPhone 8 iOS and 11 may be the new chip “Apple Neural Engine”

The industry of smartphones came to touch excellence. You can improve the processor, put more RAM, but the true revolutions (at this time) are difficult. iPhone 8 and iOS 11, however, could represent the starting point for a new era made of artificial intelligence. During… Read More

Apple will unveil the new iPhone in September, confirms a memo leaked on the net

Apple is canceling their holidays to the specialists of his store on the days in between September 17 and November 4 , according to a memo exchanged between some employees appeared on the network. This was shared this morning on Twitter by notorious Benjamin Geskin.… Read More

The cover of an iPhone 8 is compared with the current iPhone 7 Plus to understand differences in size [Video]

A cover of the iPhone 8 is compared with the current models on the market. If you are always available as iPhone Dummy 8, then let alone the Cover. In China’s factories are now churning out pieces of alleged iPhone 8 as if it were… Read More

Gmail now suggests answers to Mail: the new Smart Reply function based on machine learning

The Google event is still ongoing, but has already been submitted the smart reply feature in Gmail: a clear example of the use of machine learning to simplify your life and make the answers faster. Google is making some impressive strides forward as far as… Read More

Google Assistant is really better than Siri. It is now available on iPhone

It ‘s official, Google’s virtual assistant has arrived on the iPhone. Call up since Siri will not be comfortable, because it can not be replaced at the Home key, but it has a Widget to start it with a tap. It was judged to be… Read More

iPhone recording a 92% retention rate before the launch of the iPhone 8

Apple users love the iPhone, at least most of them. And a new Morgan Stanley study seems to confirm this, revealing that the percentage of those who plan to buy the new model is really high. There are  92% of users who have an iPhone,… Read More

It’s the end of an era: Farewell to the MP3 format, popularized by Apple’s iPod

The Fraunhofer Institute definitively abandoned support for the MP3 format. This has achieved the greatest success (also) thanks to products like the Apple iPod. After so many years of honorable service, the MP3 format finally closed . At least according to those who created it.… Read More

Apple releases watchOS 3.2.2, TVOS 10.2.1 and MacOS 10.12.5. Here’s how to upgrade!

In addition to iPhone OS 10.3.2, Apple has just released the new firmware versions for Apple Watch and Apple TV. Both versions contain no news on a practical level but several bug fixes and security enhancements. It also increases the stability and performance. Apple Watch… Read More

Apple releases iOS 10.3.2 in the final version, for all iPhone and iPad users

After so many months of beta testing, iOS 10.3.2 is now available for everyone. Here’s the changelog and the download link Apple has just made available the final version of iOS 10.3.2 that contains several bug fixes and security updates. Changelog iOS 10.3.2 fixes an… Read More

WhatsApp fined 3 million euro for having induced users to share their data with Facebook

Whatsapp was fined for having induced / compelled users to accept the terms that allowed data sharing with Facebook. The sentence, after long investigation, has arrived today. Antitrust investigations of WhatsApp ended. The company was fined 3 million euro. The reasons? Forced data sharing with… Read More

The price of the iPhone 8 will start at $ 1000, according to Goldman Sachs

The Goldman Sachs analyst, Simone Jankowski believes that the next generation iPhone will have a noticeable rise in prices, with a starting from $ 1,000. If we could paraphrase the title of a film to match the launch of the iPhone 8, we could choose… Read More