Samsung unveils new Galaxy S8. Here are all the features, photos, videos and booking links

From 16pm, Samsung punctually opened the event to present the new Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 +. After months of rumors and speculation is finally time to discover the new flagship device of the Korean multinational. From the aesthetic point of view, the new Galaxy… Read More

Apple Updates Pages, Numbers and Keynote for iOS and MacOS to version 3.1

Apple releases version 3.1 update for  Pages, Numbers  and  Keynote , dedicated to both iOS and MacOS. Let’s find out what’s new in the Apple suite, dedicated to your documents, spreadsheets and slides. That’s all the news gathered in a convenient and readable changelog: Pages… Read More

Have you installed iOS 10.3 beta? Here’s how to force the update to 10.3 without restoring final | Guide

If you are currently running the beta version 7 of IOS 10.3, but you can not see the new update IOS 10.3 software , there is an easier way than to restore through iTunes in DFU to force the device to see the update. We… Read More

Apple releases iOS 10.3 for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch [Download Link]

Apple has released the final version of IOS 10.3 , after several beta versions released to developers and the public testers. Let’s find out all the innovations introduced in the latest firmware. What is New: Added support to AirPods in the function Find My iPhone… Read More

Apple blackmailed by hackers: Pay or attack 300,000 iPhones

Turkish Crime Family is a group of hackers that has targeted Apple. The company was blackmailed by asking for a ransom of $ 75,000 in Bitcoin or $ 100,000 in iTunes Gift Card. Blackmail is very simple and the hacker group has already exchanged several… Read More

Workflow is now free! Apple acquires powerful application making it free so hurry up and download it!

Workflow is a truly spectacular now available today in the App Store. Using Workflow, you will bring automation iOS: With a single tap, you can start a series of linked actions, the phone automatically doing work in your place, to achieve a desired result, without… Read More

WhatsApp brings back ‘Text Status’ for iOS and Android users.

The status introduced by WhatsApp have not been very successful among users, so the team has backtracked bringing back the old texts were  last updated just released in the App Store. In fact 2:17:10 version will begin to co-exist both hated each other Status that… Read More

Apple announces the special edition of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus (Product) RED

The new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus Red are made with the rear seat in opaque red color with the white Apple logo, same color as the front. As for the Jet Black version, the iPhone Red will only be available in versions with… Read More

LG has solved the problems with UltraFine 5K 27 ” Monitor here is how to recognize the new models

LG has finally solved the problems to UltraFine 5K monitor 27 “that caused interference when placed near a WiFi router. The problem was due primarily to the absence of a robust shielding against electromagnetic interference pattern. As reported by AppleInsider, however, the new LG monitors… Read More

The iPhone 8 may have a slightly curved display, but not like that of the Galaxy S7 edge

We already mentioned that the next iPhone will not have a curved screen, or at least not curved like the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, however, according to Nikkei, there will be a slight curvature to the sides. The iPhone 8 will have a slight curvature… Read More

Nostalgic moment: Windows XP runs on iPhone … 7! [Video]

iOS is undoubtedly one of the fundamental reasons why users choose the iPhone (or iPad). Now imagine an iPhone 7 , smartphone synonymous with power and versatility, which performs the much loved / hated Windows XP Microsoft. No, not nightmare, but a simple experiment of… Read More

iOS and Android on the same iPhone with the cover ”Eye” [Video]

Have you always wanted to exploit the features of the Android and iOS operating system in a single device? Thanks to a cover in development will be possible to do so. We are talking about “Eye”, a new project on Kickstarter found. Let’s find out… Read More

iPhone 8 star of a new concept: OLED display and Dark Mode [Video]

We are almost certain about the new iPhone 8 which will have a OLED display. The OLED technology, compared to the LCD, provides deeper blacks, a feature that would marry perfectly with the much required Dark Mode on iOS. Taking into account these two aspects, a… Read More

iOS 11: Here is a new concept that shows a Split View, the Dark Mode, the Clear Cache and many other functions

The designer Jacek Zięba has developed a new concept video dedicated to iOS 11, Apple’s next mobile operating system version. Let’s find out what are the possible things to come this year and how they could be implemented on our iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.… Read More

New concept for iPhone 8: curved display, thin frames and Dark Mode

After the 11 concept of iOS , we propose an interesting mockup of the iPhone 8 (or perhaps iPhone Edition?). This was born from the mind of AlHasan Husni , and incorporates many of the leaked rumor until today. The most striking aspect of the… Read More