A nice Concept shows an iPhone 8 with built-in camera in the rear Apple logo [Video]

Among the most beautiful and simple concept of the next iPhone 8, we find this to be really cool and realistic. The smartphone appears with a very slim design, one edge-to-edge display with rounded edges and a hidden camera below the Apple logo. Below we… Read More

A video compares the speed of iOS 10.3 beta 1 iOS 10.2.1 and benefits of the Apple File System

From IOS 10.3, Apple will introduce the new File System (APFS) on iOS devices. This firmware version was released by two days, in the first beta, and some have already wanted to monitor changes in performance to determine if indeed the new file system is… Read More

Apple releases Mac OS Sierra 10.12.4 with Night Shift Mode and more

Apple has released macOS Sierra 10.12.4 beta to developers featuring a new Night Shift mode. The build number is 16E144f. Focus Areas Please focus testing on the following areas: • Night Shift preference for automatically shifting the colors of your display to the warmer end… Read More

Mac sales recorded their first big drop after 15 years .. a greater decline in PC

2016 will go down in history as the darkest year for Apple, especially with regard to Mac. It ‘was in fact the first recorded sharp decline in sales for 15 years, with a market share which dropped by 10%. The Mac recorded lower sales of… Read More

WhatsApp updated: now you can send up to 30 photos at a time and messages offline

Just released a new update for WhatsApp, the most popular instant messaging application and used in the world. Let’s see what changes in this version. First of all, you can now send up to 30 pictures or videos at once . Previously the limit was set… Read More

Apple releases iOS 10.2.1 final for iPad, iPhone and iPod [Download Link]

In this new version we should not expect major changes. In fact, they are improved performance and bug-fixed. At the same time the work on iOS 10.2.1, Apple has also released TVOS 10.1.1. Some rumors also suggest that Apple is starting to test even iOS… Read More

In iOS 11, Apple may be forced to block some functions of iPhone while we are driving

The US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, has invited all the smartphone manufacturers to implement a security system capable of blocking some functionality of your smartphone when the owner is driving. At the same time, Julio Ceja, a califoniano citizen, sued Apple in court, accusing… Read More

Maxi seizure of Samsung devices in the province of Vicenza for patent infringement

The Samsung negative period seems to have no end. In fact, after the recent arrest of Vice President  the South Korean giant is having problems in Italy . The Command of the Guardia di Finanza the province of Vicenza has announced that it has executed… Read More

KGI: Apple will upgrade all MacBook with the new processors Kaby Lake and 32 GB of RAM

The famous analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities has released a new report dedicated to Apple laptops. The entire MacBook line will receive an upgrade in the course of 2017, that will include the arrival of processors Kaby Lake and the possibility to enter up… Read More

Whatsapp Desktop is now available in the Mac App Store

It has just been released in the App Store WhatsApp Desktop. The application allows you to chat with your friends directly from your Mac. WhatsApp Desktop is an application that uses an internal browser to view Web WhatsApp. The version available in the Mac App… Read More

iPhone 7 is the world most powerful smartphone

According to analysis conducted by AnTuTu, the iPhone 7  is the most powerful smartphone in 2016. The study was conducted on many devices last year between Android rivals, the Apple smartphone is unrivaled. In September, Apple unveiled its new top of the range smartphone, equipped… Read More

iPhone 8 with edge-to-edge OLED display , wireless charging and more imagined new concept [Video]

The rumors about the next Apple smartphone, which almost certainly will be named the iPhone 8 , certainly not lacking. The Cupertino company should present to the world a new device from every point of view. All the rumors are “collected” in an interesting new… Read More

A woman destroys a store with her car because her iPhone was not repaired [Video]

In the US a woman has not been granted a free replacement of your iPhone, which had a broken screen. For this reason she decided to “take revenge”, destroying the T-Mobile with its own machine shop. This is the twenty-six Shinobia Montoria Writght, who wanted… Read More

Peter Thiel: “Apple’s era is over, but not because of Tim Cook”

Peter Thiel , co-founder of PayPal, venture capitalists and Donald Trump adviser, in a recent interview expressed their thoughts on the future of Apple. For Thiel, bluntly, ” Apple’s era is over .” These are the words of Thiel: ” The Apple era is over… Read More

iPhone 8 will have an IP68 certified for resistance to liquids and even more dust

According to The Investor next Apple smartphone will have a certification better waterproofing than the iPhone 7. You will pass it by the current to the latest IP67 IP68. For the uninitiated, the IP67 certification numbers indicate the resistance of the device to dust and… Read More