Apple releases iOS 10.1.1 for all iPhone users, iPad and iPod Touch [CHANGELOG AND DOWNLOAD]

Apple has just released iOS 10.1.1. It is a new version of firmware available for all iPhone users, iPad and iPod Touch. As evidenced by the software version number, this is just a small update aimed at solving bugs. Changelog: The update fixes a problem… Read More

Jony Ive said “no” to the touchscreen on the Mac, but something new is brewing

In an interview with CNET , Jony Ive said that his team has rejected the idea of a touchscreen Mac “many, many years ago” . The chief designer of Apple, however, has hinted that the company is working on other concepts that fall under the… Read More

Apple Unveils New MacBook Pro with TouchBar: Here are all the details and prices

Introduction After Planned enhancements to the Apple TV, there’s those dedicated to the Mac. We’re talking about the new MacBook Pro, coming onto the stage with a new design and a truly enviable computing power. Discover them together in this in-depth article. Macs are incredibly… Read More

The launch of AirPods headphones is postponed to a date yet to be known

In September, along with the iPhone 7, Apple also presented AirPods, Wireless headphones equipped with various sensors and new technologies that interface perfectly with Apple devices. The launch of this product was scheduled for the end of October, however, there will be delays.   User… Read More

The iPhone 8 will be produced in three variants, one with Display 5 “

And ‘the Japanese site Nikkei reporting that Apple is already working on the iPhone next year. Eventually it will produce a third dimension, the one that many people consider “perfect”, ie an ideal compromise between the current 4.7 “of the basic model and the 5.5”… Read More

Siri vs Google Assistant: what is the best voice assistant? [Video]

YouTuber Marques Brownlee decided to test the new Google Assistant by putting it into a head-to-head competition with the latest version of Siri, running on an iPhone 7 Plus. In the video below we can see how the youtuber put  side-by-side the two devices and… Read More

Facebook now offers recommendations on Yelp style thanks to a new Artificial Intelligence

Facebook has introduced a novelty in the process of rolling out around the world that will simplify and improve the experience with the recommendations of friends about certain places or activities. How many times did you write on Facebook ” Do you have a film… Read More

OFFICIAL: The Apple Event to present the new Mac will be held on October 27!

We had already spoken and the clues were now very many but now it’s finally here the official news.Apple began sending out invitations to the press to attend the next event to be held at the Apple campus in Cupertino on October 27. It will… Read More

Police obtained a warrant to compel suspects to unlock an iPhone with fingerprint

In California, the police seem to have applied for and obtained a warrant to enter the house and force all those present to use biometric information to unlock an iPhone with fingerprints . The aim is obviously to get more information on a case that… Read More

To prevent theft, Apple has activated special functions on the iPhone from exposure in Store

A few days ago we reported that Apple has begun to remove the safety hooks in the exposure devices, however this change is not made without the due precautions against thieves. On iPhones and Mac exhibition in fact, a special version of the operating system… Read More

Apple releases iOS 10.0.3 for all users with iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus

Apple has just released iOS 10.0.3 only for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. This small update goes to fix a bug that occurs with the cellular network. In particular, enabling the Airplane mode and disabling it, many smartphones were unable to tap into the… Read More

Tim Cook visits Nintendo and try to preview the game Super Mario Run

Tim Cook is continuing his Asian tour and this morning he visited Nintendo in Kyoto city. The CEO  got a sneak  peek of Super Mario Run game, which was  presented during the last Apple event and will arrive soon in the App Store. During his visit to… Read More

The BMW 5 Series Sedan is the first car to support Apple’s Wireless CarPlay

BMW announced a few hours ago with a press conference that the BMW 5 Series Sedan of 2017 will be the first car on the market to support Apple’s wireless CarPlay system. As reported in the press release , iPhone users will be able to… Read More