Miitomo Nintendo releases the first official game for iPhone, now available for free in the App Store

You really know all of your friends? Miitomo is the first app developed by Nintendo for iPhone, which allows you to communicate with friends through a Mii of your creation. It all topics that do not normally talk about, unless someone makes us the question… Read More

Snapchat unveils stickers, video notes & other chat improvements

Snapchat is the popular instant messaging service in recent years is getting a huge success, at first abroad and then in our country. With over 100 million active users per day, Snapchat is constantly updated in order to confirm the application more youthful, funny and… Read More

The iPhone SE 4″ Smartphone more powerful than ever!

iPhone is one of the most popular smartphone in the world, and today Apple will introduce a new one. We talk about the much-talked- iPhone SE , marking a 4 “back to the display. A device from the design already seen, but with the latest… Read More

Apple could launch a new MacBook Retina 12 “by the end of April | Rumor

An updated MacBook with Retina display 12 “ could be launched by the end of April, according to information discovered in System Image Utility Apple and OS X Server. The Retina MacBook was launched in April 2015, then an update to one year away makes… Read More

Apple releases new wallpapers for iPhone and iPad dedicated to the environment

      Apple has just released on its official website the new wallpapers dedicated to the environment .Here’s how to get them for your iPhone or iPad .   During the last event, Apple has spent part of the time available to the environment… Read More

Apple releases 4″ iPhone SE With iPhone 6s internals

iPhone is one of the most popular smartphone in the world, and today Apple will introduce a new one. We talk about the much-talked- iPhone SE , marking a 4 “back to the display.  Apple customers have shown to love iPhone 6s and 6s Plus,… Read More

Apple releases 9.7 inch iPad Pro, targeting existing iPad and Windows users

In addition to the new iPhone SE , Apple also unveiled a new iPad Pro with a smaller 9.7-inch display.   It ‘the same professional iPad Pro that we got to see in the fall, only with a reduced size. As Pro, it will have… Read More

Tim Cook opened Apple event talking about the clash with the FBI

The Apple event opened with a Tim Cook’s speech focused on the clash with the FBI and the US government, which arose after the request by the latter to ‘hack’ the iPhone 5c Farook, terrorist author of massacre of San Bernardino. Apple CEO emphasized the… Read More

A beautiful concept shows the possible design of the iPhone SE, iPhone 7 and iPhone Pro

The rumors on the design and technical specifications of the new iPhone are already filling the pages of the dedicated blog and not. Of course, this year there are plenty of different concept , now that we propose one made ​​by Martin Hajek .   … Read More

First Photo of iPhone 7 Plus Shows Dual-Lens Camera and Smart Connector

Recent online crazy pass an iPhone 7 phone camera back photo camera “Jitu” fresh eye-catching! Network transmission photo shows the camera back and the shape and texture similar iPhone6 ​​series, are streamlined design, strong metal texture, but the white side of the antenna design change,… Read More

Closing Apps in the background to preserve battery life is useless, word of Craig Federighi

Closing background applications  to ensure a longer life of the battery on iOS devices? According to Craig Federighi, Apple’s SVP, the answer is NO!   Responding to an email from a customer, Craig Federighi said clearly that frequently close all applications in the background, through… Read More

OFFICIAL: Apple event ‘Let us loop you in’ scheduled for March 21st!

Now it’s finally official ! Apple has delivered the invitations, with a written phrase “Let Us Loop You In” for the media event to be held Monday, March 21 at the auditorium of the company located in the Town Hall 1 Infinite Loop campus in… Read More

iOS 9.3 beta lets IT admins enforce home screen layouts, blacklist apps, lock notifications on iPhone

   Apple, with its new iOS 9.3 upgrade, appears to have added a feature for IT administrators that could upset a lot of employees. According to a PDF on the company’s Developer Center, employers will be able to dictate where app icons sit on company… Read More

WhatsApp for iPhone, in its latest version, takes up memory abnormally!

The application WhatsApp for iOS has been recently updated by the development team and the new features are actually few. Frequency and usefulness than updates, which heavily discussed is that the update is causing many problems for different users .   WhatsApp is the app… Read More

Apple shifting to OLED displays for iPhone 7s

Some more than others, everyone expects Apple steps, sooner or later, the OLED display . According to the latest report, the transition could be achieved with the advent of iPhone 7s next year From what is apparent, it seems that Apple has begun to make… Read More