A new study reveals that photos and personal data can be recovered from used smartphones

Every year, thousands of consumers selling their old smartphone to monetize or to switch to a next-generation device. Well, a new study reveals that it is very easy access to personal and sensitive data contained on the devices you use . Recently, AVAST Software has… Read More

The arrival of the Apple Car will be like waiting for Christmas Eve

During a recent meeting with Apple, shareholders Tim Cook said that waiting for the presentation of ‘Apple Car will be like waiting for Christmas Eve to children.   According to the recent words of Tim Cook , Apple is only exploring the automobile industry, without… Read More

KGI reveals features and price of the iPhone SE, iPhone 5s will cost half

Ming-Chi Kuo , reliable analyst at KGI Securities, sent a new research note to investors in which he claims that Apple’s next iPhone with a 4 “display will feature a 12-megapixel main camera , and not 8 as suggested some rumors. But the news does… Read More

Apple to Release 9.7-inch iPad Pro in March Event, Not iPad Air 3

Apple is planning to release a 9.7-inch iPad Pro in March, not a new iPad Air 3 as rumored earlier, reports 9to5Mac. The tablet will allegedly be revealed on March 15th and ship as early as March 18th.    The new iPad Pro is said… Read More

Reactions: Here is the evolution of Facebook Like button

Facebook announced that soon users would be able to express a wider range of emotions on the platform through emoji, the company today began the roll-out to all users.       The new ‘reactions’ introduce six new buttons like,’ Like ‘,’ Love, ‘Haha,’ Wow,… Read More

Apple updates iPad Pro Smart Keyboard firmware to improve connectivity

Apple has just released an update for all owners of iPad Pro Smart Keyboard in order to solve some connection issues. Via an OTA update, Apple has updated the firmware for iPad Pro Smart Keyboard to solve a problem with the sudden awakening from sleep… Read More

Apple releases iOS 9.3 beta 4 to developers with new mode for night shift

Apple today released the fourth beta of iOS 9.3 intended for developer testing, after two weeks after the release of the third beta of iOS 9.3 and just over a month after the public release of iOS 9.2. Developers will be able to upgrade their… Read More

Samsung presents the new top of the range Samsung Galaxy S7 and Samsung Galaxy S7 edge | MWC 2016

It ended just the press conference held by Samsung in Barcelona until the opening of the Mobile World Congress which have been unveiled the new smartphone top of the line Galaxy range: Galaxy Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 EDGE. Let’s see below all the features… Read More

LG G5 & Friends: LG officially unveils new LG G5 with possibility of adding dedicated modules! | MWC 2016

It ‘just finished the LG conference that precedes the usual opening of the Mobile World Congress where he was presented the new smartphone top range of the Korean company, LG G5 with a series of new accessories closely linked to Friends called LG smartphone. Let’s… Read More

Apple dominates the smartphone profits to 91%, Samsung in clear break

If as a worldwide spread, due to the fragmentation in various devices, Samsung and Android devices in general can be defined as the largest in terms of numbers, when it comes to making money with smartphones is Apple to reign supreme. The last report led… Read More

Slaughter of San Bernardino: Apple responds with an open letter to the FBI request

A federal court in the United States has ordered Apple to help federal investigators to access the data of the iPhone 5c used by Syed Farook , author of the San Bernardino massacre, reports NBC News .According to court documents, the California company ” has… Read More

The chips of the iPhone 7 will be shielded against electromagnetic interference | Rumor

According to a new report by ETNews , Apple is working to realize the internal components, so that does not produce electromagnetic interference . The components with the initials EMI , from the English words Electro Magnetic Interference , minimize the electromagnetic nterference , leading… Read More

Here’s an interesting new iPhone 7 concept [Video]

There are still several months to the presentation of the iPhone 7 , but despite that assumptions and rumors much anticipated new smartphone signed Apple certainly not lacking. Based on this, some designers have created some concept , including what we propose in this article.… Read More

Apple has achieved 21% of smartphone processors worldwide

According to analysis  Strategy Analytics , the 21% of the processors for smartphones currently found around the world are Apple. The most used are the Snapdragon mobile processor from Qualcomm with 42% of global spread, but according to the analysis of 2015, Apple is no… Read More

Soon the iPhone will replace the Remote Siri the new Apple TV

Eddie Cue and  Craig Federighi have already confirmed: soon the iPhone, with the dell’apposita update application can safely replace the Syrians Remote Control for the Apple TV. Apple is already working on an update dell’apposita remote application, to turn our iPhone into a perfect Apple… Read More