Apple working on long-range wireless charging for iOS devices | Rumor

According to reports from Bloomberg , citing sources familiar with the matter, Apple is developing a new technology for long-range wireless charging for future iOS devices From the report of Bloomberg  it says that Apple is exploring technologies that allow for the iPhone and iPad… Read More

The results of Apple’s fiscal first quarter 2016! Record 75.9 billion and 74.8 million iPhones sold..

After three months from the latest results is the time of the first quarter 2016. As usual Apple has just released a press release the results of the first quarter of 2016. It starts with a revenue of 75.88 billion dollars ,a total of 74.79… Read More

iPad Air 3 with four speakers and LED flash leaked.

A new ‘sketch’ published by the French blog NowhereElse suggests that the third generation of iPad Air Apple could introduce a new configuration to four speakers , to ensure better sound reproduction. That’s not all.   In addition to the speakers style iPad Pro, the… Read More

Apple released 9.1.1 tvOS to all holders of the fourth generation of the Apple TV

It ‘just been made ​​available to all owners of Apple TV ‘s fourth generation, the new update that brings tvOS to version 9.1.1 . Upgrade to tvOS 9.1.1 brings only small innovations, added to fix some bugs and improve overall performance of the operating system.… Read More

New image of the iPhone 5SE with a design similar to the iPhone 6s

After seeing him in a first hands-on video , the ‘ 5se iPhone with 4-inch display returns to appear in this new image from below at the bottom. Although the name “5se” does not convince us too, it seems that Apple has chosen this theme… Read More

First hands-on video of a possible iPhone 6c with 4-inch display [Video]

MIC Gadget has recently released a video on YouTube, in which we can see a live iPhone 6C , the much rumored iPhone with 4-inch display which should arrive in 2016. It is a real hands-on of the device by MIC Gadeget , which presents… Read More

Apple Watch 2: with built-in camera on the way?

Fans of wearable devices will probably read the rumor that sees unlikely the arrival of the second version of Apple Watch for this spring . A-raising again their antennas is now a rumor that includes some features of the next smartwatch Apple including a camera… Read More

New concept video shows an iPhone with iOS 7 borderless 10 [Video]

Continue to release new concept video dedicated to ‘ iPhone 7 . This time we see one made ​​by iPhone-Tricks , which shows an iPhone with iOS 7 borderless 10. As you can see from the video below, the designer have imagined an iPhone… Read More

iOS 9 hides a clue about the possible removal of input jack for headphones

In the code of iOS 9.3 beta 1 was found a clue, indicating the possible removal of input jack for headphones in the next Apple devices. The string of code – ” Headphones.have. sinput.NO% . “, could indicate a possible removal of input jack for… Read More

Musical Memo app to capture your musical ideas. Before you escape the inspiration.

Apple today announced a new addition and a major upgrade of the family of apps for iOS to create music through which people can easily enjoy their musical potential and create amazing music, wherever they are. App completely new call memo music allows musicians and… Read More

Apple Releases iOS 9.2.1 for iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch

Apple has released iOS 9.2.1 bringing security updates and bug fixes. This update contains security updates and bug fixes including a fix for an issue that could prevent the completion of app installation when using an MDM server. For information on the security content of… Read More

With iOS 9.3 Apple marks the beginning of a new strategy for updates iOS

Apple iOS 9.3 beta 1  released several important news for all owners of iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. For this reason it has been suggested that the Cupertino company will bring in the future several updates with substantial changes, rather than a major upgrade a… Read More

WhatsApp is now Free for all Users Forever, Dropping Legacy Subscription Fees.

Facebook-owned WhatsApp dropping subscription fees in favor of free service and relying other business model to generate revenue. Prior to that WhatsApp used to charge $0.99 cents for one year, which impeded the growth of users since not all users had credit cards. The paid model… Read More

Lifeline Apple free App of the Week .Benefit now, saving € 0.99

Apple every week choose an application or game – especially famous and noteworthy – and makes it available for free in the App Store for a limited time. This exclusive offer is known as App of the Week and the choice today is Lifeline. Lifeline… Read More

Here are the results of Night Shift, a new feature of iOS 9.3 beta

Among the many new features of iOS 9.3 beta we’ve got to give a little hint to Night Shift , a mode for proper management of the brightness . Here’s how the iPhone will appear in one of its hottest mode. Night Shift is a… Read More