Apple TV to be Announced in September: a Real Console With Remote Touch.

Between Apple devices, the Apple TV is probably one of the least-date at both of design and technical specifications. With the release of iPhone 6s, it seems instead that the Californian company wants to submit a new version accompanied by remote touch that, through access… Read More

According DxOMark, the Moto X Style is Better Than That of the iPhone 6

DxOMark is an entity quite reliable when we talk about the judgment of the camera of smartphones and mobile devices in general. With the presentation of the new Motorola devices, the portal puts the camera on the podium of  Moto X Style at the expense… Read More

Power Updated to Send iPhone Battery Life Notifications to Your Apple Watch

The Power app for Apple Watch has been updated to notify you when your iPhone battery is running low. Power was created by Surenix, a designer of several popular jailbreak Cydia tweaks.   “Now you can with Power right on your Apple Watch! With Power… Read More

Apple Releases Fifth Beta of OS X 10.11 El Capitan to Developers

In less than a week beta 4 was released to developers. Apple released the fifth beta of El Capitan, the operating system for all Mac computers. To upgrade just open the Mac App Store that will identify the update in the specific tab. We are… Read More

Apple Negotiating With BMW to use i3 as Basis to Build the first Apple car.

9to5Mac report that “Apple and BMW have engaged in negotiations over Apple’s interest in using BMW’s i3 electric cars as a basis for its own electric car project, according to a new report from German publication…”    News of Apple’s work on building an electric… Read More

Apple Hires Former Head of Fiat Chrysler to Join the iCar Team

m The marketing of Apple Watch and rumors that are now wrapping the output of the next iPhone probably have distracted attention from what until recently was the subject to be treated every day: Apple and the world of cars . To bring a little… Read More

Home Button on the iPhone Screen? There is a Technology to do so.

TNW reports that Sonovation has recently developed a fingerprint recognition using several sensors with 3D scanning. These sensors are able to detect the fingerprint also through the Gorilla Glass , the material used for screens of iPhone. This will be the step that will allow… Read More

The SIM Card Will die : Apple and Samsung in Talks With the new GSMA Standard e-SIM

With the evolution of smartphone technology have changed even the SIM (micro, nano …), and things seem to be about to change, again. Apple and Samsung are indeed in talks with GSMA, the association that brings together the key operators, for the creation of e-SIM… Read More

New Leaked Images of the Rear BodyWork of iPhone 6s Plus

New images of the rear shell of what probably will be called iPhone Plus 6s were shared by Future Supplier . These reveal similarities in terms of the aesthetic of the new smartphone Apple iPhone with 6:06 Plus.   Future Supplier underlines a slight difference between… Read More

Apple Will Review the Details of “Back to School” in a few Days

Many  are aware of the initiative Back To School that allows students to get a special discount on the purchase of Apple devices.    Usually this time of year are already all the details of the promotion this year but will come later. To let… Read More

Apple Releases new iPod Touch, iPod Nano and Shuffle

Apple today introduced iPod touch the best of all time and has unveiled a new range of colors for all models of iPod, including sidereal gray, silver, gold, pink and blue. The ultra portable iPod touch is equipped with a new camera 8 megapixel iSight… Read More

Apple Publishes Guide to Maintain Optimum Temperature of Apple Watch

Apple Watch is designed to work best in the presence of temperatures comprised between 0 ° and 35 ° C and should be stored at ambient temperatures between -20 ° and 45 ° C. In order to maintain the device in this optimal range, Apple… Read More

iPhone 6 Beats Galaxy S6 in Smartphone Video Games Performance

Given the performance increasingly important mobile devices produce in terms of gaming , it’s easy to see how our friends smartphone have slowly replaced the handheld game consoles so laboriously market uptake. But what smartphone is ideal for gamers? According GameBench is iPhone 6. The… Read More

Apple Will be Cautious With the introduction of iPad Pro Scheduled for November

According to a new report, Apple is starting with some caution the production of much vociferati iPad Pro display with 12.9 “. The new device is expected to come to market in November, but according to reports from the suppliers of the California company orders… Read More

Microsoft Plans to Release 6 new Lumia Smartphones

The latest rumors that concerned Microsoft was not certainly the most positive. The company has in fact been forced to a series of painful layoffs especially in ‘former division acquired by Nokia smartphone. Apparently, though, despite the crisis in Serbia Redmond it has at least 6… Read More