Samsung launches “iTest” the web app that allows you to try Android on your iPhone

It is a web app that simulates and describes all the functions of a Galaxy smartphone with Android on board. A targeted advertising campaign to acquire Apple users who are invited to “go to the other side” Samsung has launched an interactive web app to promote… Read More

Linkedin: over 500 million profiles hacked, now for sale on the Dark Web

The hacking alert has been triggered: it will be a really great danger in the coming days. After Facebook, Linkedin was also hacked and the data of 500 million users are for sale Linkedin also joins Facebook over the stolen accounts scandal.  Today the news that… Read More

iPhone 13 Pro with 120Hz ProMotion Display and 15-20% Lower Power Consumption [Rumor]

By now there is no doubt, the iPhone 13 Pro models will be equipped with LTPO display with 120Hz display. According to a new report, iPhone 13 Pro models will be equipped with a low-power LTPO display, which will allow devices to have a 120Hz refresh rate without affecting… Read More