Siri is the world’s leading virtual assistant

Siri is the leader in the virtual assistant world with a 35% market share Futuresource market research states that Siri is the world’s leading virtual assistant with a 35% share of the global market . Given that Apple’s Siri is shipped by default in virtually every Apple device sold… Read More

Future versions of Apple’s Siri could interpret our emotions

Future versions of Apple’s Siri could go beyond voice recognition. Apple is developing a way to help interpret a user’s requests by adding facial analysis to a future version of Siri or another system. The goal is to reduce the number of times a voice request is misinterpreted and… Read More

Apple contractors listened to over 1,000 Siri registrations per shift

Apple suspended the evaluation program that used contractors to listen to Siri recordings for quality control purposes, but in a new report, The Irish Examiner provides more information on how the quality control investigation took place. According to one of the contractors working on the Siri classification in Cork,… Read More

Siri Offline could be the next evolution of the Apple voice assistant

While the other vocal assistants progress in being able to perform more and more actions and better understand the human language through chained questions, Apple is trying to change Siri to make it even more attentive to our Privacy. Apparently, Apple wants to create a new version of Siri… Read More

Apple fishing at home Google to improve Siri: hired John Giannandrea

Apple has hired the now former head of the Google AI section John Giannandrea, reports The New York Times. The news came from an internal email from Tim Cook, in which he wrote that ” John shares our focus on privacy and our thoughtful approach to creating increasingly intelligent… Read More

Great success for Siri: it is actively used on over half a billion devices

In the announcement of the launch date of HomePod, or February 9, Apple has also provided new details on the use of Siri by users. According to the company, the voice assistant is actively used on more than half a billion devices. This is an improvement over previous data provided by… Read More

Siri vs Google Assistant: what is the best voice assistant? [Video]

YouTuber Marques Brownlee decided to test the new Google Assistant by putting it into a head-to-head competition with the latest version of Siri, running on an iPhone 7 Plus. In the video below we can see how the youtuber put  side-by-side the two devices and… Read More