Apple would have discarded the idea of ​​an 5.3-inch OLED iPhone but could come up with a 6 “

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It is not the first time that it is spoken, but Apple would have set aside the idea of ​​a smaller iPhone X for next year, with a 5.28 “OLED display . Suppliers have revealed that there will not be a full-screen iPhone with a small size, as the market now seems to be clear: users like devices […]

iPhone X: Although it costs more, it offers lower profit margins for Apple

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The iPhone X is very expensive, yet it is the smartphone that offers less profit margins to Apple. The cost of the components needed to produce it is indeed very high. The Wall Street Journal has released its own analysis, comparing the cost of production of the iPhone X with the previous ones and hence the profit of […]

iPhone X and iPhone 8 Charge to 50% in 30 Minutes With Fast-Charge…

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It has been announced that the new iPhone models will feature a fast recharge mode Although yesterday’s Apple conference was not taken into account, it has emerged that the new models of iPhone X and Phone 8 will present, for the first time ever, the fast recharge option. This means that you can charge 50% of your iPhone battery in just 30 […]

The iPhone X is really powerful and even exceeds the MacBook Pro 13 in benchmarks

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Talking about iPhone X we have already heard several times saying “The price is absurd .. it’s a phone but it costs as much as a computer.” Actually the price is very high but at performance level, this new iPhone is also more than a computer. According to the first Benchmark published by Geekbench, the […]

The long-awaited iPhone X is finally here

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Here is the long-awaited iPhone X (reads iPhone Ten), the most anticipated device of the year. A device made entirely of glass, both in the back and in the front, except the frame that is metal. Super Retina Display from 5.8 “with 458ppi, the biggest resolution on an iPhone and the first to have the […]