KeenLab has already jailbroken iOS 12! [Video]

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iOS 12 is currently still the first beta for developers, so its release to the public is quite distant. Despite this, security researcher Liang Chen of KeenLab decided nevertheless to get to work to run the jailbreak of the operating system. Taking the whole community by surprise, through his Twitter account, Chen shared a video (which you’ll find below) showing a working […]

iOS 12 will share our position during emergency calls

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Apple has recently announced another new feature of iOS 12 regarding emergency calls. Calling from an iPhone with this operating system, we will also automatically share our position. Thanks to a special software included in iOS 12, emergency calls will also share our position. Apple has guaranteed that this will not compromise our privacy at all, as the […]

Lockscreen of iOS 12 with integration to Complications | Concept

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Filipe Espósito, pending the release of iOS 12, which we remember will be announced during the WWDC 2018 on June 4, has released an interesting concept that sees the ” complications” of Apple Watch integrate with iPhone. Many users do not expect a big change, because of rumors about Apple that would have decided to focus on performance […]

iOS 12 “Peace” will introduce support for Animoji in FaceTime, improvements for Siri and more

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The Apple program to focus more attention on the quality of the software for iPhone, iPad and Mac rather than on the introduction of new functions was “unveiled” at least in part, by Mark Gurman. In the article written by Gurman for Bloomberg News we read that Apple’s software engineers will have more freedom in postponing the release of not yet perfect […]