Is your iPhone slower and slower? It could be the fault of the worn-out battery

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According to numerous reports on Reddit, Apple’s iOS would use a kind of low-performance mode, with a CPU downclock, to avoid sudden restarts of devices with worn batteries. The Reddit TeckFire user posted the Geekbench results before and after replacing the battery on a used iPhone 6s. Before replacing the battery, the device achieved a single-core score of 1466 and 2512 in […]

Things I Do not Like About iPhone X: The lack of “visible” battery capacity

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More days pass with iPhone X and I understand, I get used to and appreciate this new smartphone. To those who ask me if it is worth buying it responds with a “yes” really very convinced, though there are some small details (mostly graphics and usability) that I do not like and that would change. From time […]

Apple Working With Intelligent Energy On Fuel Cell Technology For iPhones, iPads & More.

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Fuel cell firm Intelligent Energy may be partnering with Apple to introduce fuel cell technology into future MacBooks and other mobile devices claims a report in The Daily Mail. While the tabloid does not have a strong rumor track record, fuel cells have long been discussed as a possible energy source for portable electronics and […]