Apple could reimburse users who have replaced the iPhone battery at full price

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Apple would be considering the idea of offering a refund to users who have replaced the battery of their iPhone, paying, before the discounted prices come into force. After the controversy with the power management feature introduced with iOS 10.2.1, and concerning the reduction of the performance on iPhone with worn batteries, Apple announced in December a discount on the […]

Is your iPhone slower and slower? It could be the fault of the worn-out battery

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According to numerous reports on Reddit, Apple’s iOS would use a kind of low-performance mode, with a CPU downclock, to avoid sudden restarts of devices with worn batteries. The Reddit TeckFire user posted the Geekbench results before and after replacing the battery on a used iPhone 6s. Before replacing the battery, the device achieved a single-core score of 1466 and 2512 in […]

Things I Do not Like About iPhone X: The lack of “visible” battery capacity

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More days pass with iPhone X and I understand, I get used to and appreciate this new smartphone. To those who ask me if it is worth buying it responds with a “yes” really very convinced, though there are some small details (mostly graphics and usability) that I do not like and that would change. From time […]

Apple Working With Intelligent Energy On Fuel Cell Technology For iPhones, iPads & More.

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Fuel cell firm Intelligent Energy may be partnering with Apple to introduce fuel cell technology into future MacBooks and other mobile devices claims a report in The Daily Mail. While the tabloid does not have a strong rumor track record, fuel cells have long been discussed as a possible energy source for portable electronics and […]