WhatsApp: beware of the New Year virus!

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A fake WhatsApp greeting message could infect our device A greeting message risks infecting our smartphone. With this method, some unidentified hackers are spreading a virus through Whatsapp , which is creating moodiness among users of Facebook’s instant messaging application in these hours . The virus hides inside a simple greeting message that seems to be sent by one of our contacts with […]

Microsoft presents a new Office app for iOS and Android [Video]

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Microsoft launches the beta version of the new Office app for iOS. Microsoft has announced a new Office app for iOS and Android that brings together the features of Word, Excel and PowerPoint in one app. The new app, currently available in beta, simplifies work with different types of documents and also introduces some new features to improve productivity. The […]

Instagram Threads: new messaging application under development

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Instagram is developing a new messaging application called Threads. This is a direct evolution of Instagram Direct but dedicated to close friends with whom to share personal information. Threads will allow us to create our own “status” in which to include our position, speed, battery life and multimedia content. This information will be automatically updated and shared with our closest friends. According […]

Telegram updates with silent messages, slow mode, titles for administrators and more

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Today’s update offers Telegram features to add some peace, tranquillity and personalization to chats. You can now send messages to friends freely when they study or attend a meeting. By simply holding the Send button you can send messages or multimedia files without audio. The recipient will be notified as usual, but his phone will not emit any sound, […]

Microsoft suggests Windows 10 Mobile users to switch to iPhone or Android

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Microsoft will no longer support the Windows 10 Mobile platform as of December 10, 2019. For this reason, the Redmond company has suggested to users who use “still” a Windows smartphone to switch to the competition. Microsoft’s suggestion comes from a supporting document regarding Windows 10 Mobile, in which the company explains that it will cease to release security updates and patches for […]