The largest re-design of the iPhone you will have in 2017 with a edge-to-edge screen?

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According to rumors circulating on the net for months, the iPhone 7 will be very similar to the current model because Apple is focusing more efforts and investments at the level of re-design in the iPhone in 2017. In 2017 in fact, there will probably be a “S” model, but a completely new iPhone and […]

WhatsApp Introduces New Desktop App for Mac and Windows Users

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As we had anticipated a few days ago, what appeared to be a future project it became a reality in no time: Whatsapp has released its official application for Mac and Windows. It is 2:00 am in Ghana and the news surprises us a lot, however, promptly comes our article where we present the words […]

This new application can tell if your iPhone has been hacked

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We often talked about security vulnerabilities and malware for the iPhone due to the installation of applications from insecure sources. From today there is a new app in the App Store called System and Security info created by Stefan Esser that many of you will know by the nickname ” i0n1c “. i0n1c is a […]

Opera Introduces a free and unlimited VPN app for iOS

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Opera’s tenderness for virtual private networks isn’t limited to the desktop only. Opera is releasing a free VPN app for iOS that should give you more control over how you surf the internet. It’s helpful for usual VPN tasks like avoiding corporate site blocks and regional content restrictions but Opera sees it as particularly handy […]

Thurrott: “Windows is facing potential extinction moment”

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Windows 10 was a success for Microsoft, especially after the endless criticism received for Windows 8. However, the well-known blogger Paul Thurrott said that iOS and Android have been so improved in recent years by the respective manufacturers (Apple and Google) that could cause Windows to get lonely. ” This is a potential moment of […]