iOS 11 may avoid connecting to unwanted WiFi networks

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By manually setting this parameter, we may avoid connecting to unwanted WiFi hotspots. In this way our data network will always be active and functional. New interesting features of iOS 11 continue to emerge. Today, we will discuss the possibility of limiting the use of WiFi networks, which may be particularly useful in certain situations. Imagine […]

iOS 9 Tips: How to Read blog articles without distraction and without straining your eyes

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Safari on iOS 9 integrates a new reading mode without distractions. To access this feature, just as usual get in an article by a blog directly from Safari (including this article) and click the icon in the top left of the URL you type in the bar. Once the reading mode open, iOS 9’ll display […]

Three Ultimate tips to charge Your iPhone Fast

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Given the frequency with which our terminals will discharge and the high number of times in which we are forced to reload, enjoy fleeting moments of rapid charging it is essential. Here are some tips to optimize charging times of iPhone. Use a dedicated charger    One of the most popular ways to recharge their […]

Apple Headphone

How to take photos of people you don’t know

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Have you ever been in a position when you want to take a photo of someone in-front of you and yet you don’t want them to see it, because they may say no. I discovered this cool method today and I think it is very cool. I guess you only thought those white Apple headphones […]

How To Copy Photos From iPad Or iPhone To Your PC

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Did you know that syncing your iPad isn’t the only way to copy photos from your iPad to your PC? It’s easy to sync your photos through iTunes, but it doesn’t give you quite the same amount of control as manually copying the photos to your PC. And don’t worry, even though it may sound […]