My Favorites Features of The All New HTC One (M8)

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One of my favourite simple new HTC One (M8) features is called “Motion Launch,” and it is made possible by HTC’s new sensors. This feature allows the user to pick up his or her phone with the display off and perform one of several tap, swipe or motion gestures to perform specific commands. Picking up […]

The Birth Room Of The iPhone

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Samsung and Apple trial is forcing Apple reveal secrete relating to the birth of the first iphone,as noted by 9to5mac: Ahead of the latest Apple-Samsung trial, Apple is sharing some of the details regarding the creation of the iPhone with the WSJ. As an aside, Apple also shared a shot of the secret windowless room where the original iPhone meetings […]

Essential Tips To Improve Your iPhone Battery Life.

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A good smartphone really sucks if battery can not sustain on single charge for a day. Depending on the user the battery life can be determined. Please read the tips below to get better battery life for your pretty iPhone. iOS 7 used much more battery its first day or two after updating. Whether that […]

Apple Working On Emoji To Reflect Your Ethnic Heritage.

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Emoji – pictographs used in instant messaging – have become a popular way to express emotion and ideas. Once unique to Japan Support for emoji in Unicode has standardized the way that emoji are displayed on devices worldwide, including iPhones, iPads and Macs. But there’s a lack of ethnic diversity displayed in the characters. MTV Act:  When you browse through […]

Blackberry Suing its Executives for Jumping To Apple Inc.

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Blackberry — the beleaguered Canadian smartphone maker who controls literally 0 percent U.S. market share , is now suing its own executives to prevent them from quitting their jobs and flocking to Apple. Really! Sebastien Marineau-Mes is Blackberry’s SVP of Software. In December of last year, he was offered a job by Apple to become the Vice President of Core […]