Four new iPad Pro models coming soon! Confirmation comes from the Apple website

The iPad user manual in China has revealed four new iPad Pros, which are likely to be released shortly. Four new iPad Pro models have been temporarily listed in a Chinese user manual on the Apple website , consisting of two 11-inch and two 12.9-inch models , as noted by the iPhoneinCanada blog . The new model… Read More

Boe will provide OLED displays for the 5.4-inch iPhone

The Chinese display manufacturer, in partnership with General Interface, will provide OLED displays for the 5.4-inch iPhone. The Chinese display manufacturer,  BOE , has partnered with the touch panel manufacturer, General Interface Solutions , as both companies aim to become suppliers of the 5.4-inch iPhone which will be released in the… Read More

WhatsApp: messages that self-destruct after a certain amount of time are being tested

The next function that WhatsApp will draw from Telegram concerns the automatic deletion of messages or messages that self-destruct after a certain amount of time adjustable from the settings After Dark Mode, a new function for WhatsApp is currently being tested which allows users to send… Read More

Apple will launch one or more iPhone models with 3D ToF cameras

The company plans to launch at least one iPhone 12 model with a VCSEL laser system, great for depth measurements that feed advanced augmented reality applications. Citing sources familiar with Apple’s plans, Fast Company reports that the tech giant will use the   San Jose-based VCSEL lasers from Lumentum, which will… Read More

The future iMac may be able to project the display onto the walls

Apple continues to explore ways to extend or improve the iMac, this time working on integrated technology to project the screen onto nearby surfaces such as walls. Following its previous patent that proposed an iMac made with a single pane of glass, Apple is now considering using… Read More

TSMC is preparing to manufacture 5nm chips for iPhone 12

Apple’s chipmaker prepares for mass production of 5nm chips for iPhone 12 he COVID-19 coronavirus epidemic could continue uninterrupted, but Apple manufacturers are returning to work. According to two new reports, Apple manufacturers Compal Electronics and Wistron have joined Foxconn to plan to restore production levels by the end of March . Both reports… Read More

iOS 14 will have the OCR function that will convert handwritten text with Apple Pencil into digital text

PencilKit in iPadOS 14 will allow the translation of OCR text in almost all apps iOS 14 may include a new PencilKit feature that will allow us to handwrite text into any text entry field using Apple Pencil, with the content being converted to standard text before it… Read More

With iOS 14 we will be able to import third party wallpapers collections, accessibility improvements and more

Discovered other iOS 14 functions, the most interesting are the Wallpapers that will have a new classification and the ability to import entire collections from third parties Many discoveries have been made on iOS 14 thanks to the 9to5mac guys who came into possession of an alpha… Read More

iPhone can be jailbroken from an Android device

Checkra1n, the newest jailbreak tool for iPhone, has some great advantages over its predecessors. It was the first to successfully unlock iOS 13, it works on all system updates, and it is the only one that allows us to jailbreak our iPhone using an Android device.… Read More

The iPhone 9 has entered the final production verification phase

Despite ongoing coronavirus problems affecting Apple’s supply chain in China, it seems that cheap iPhone production is in its final stages. From the report: The new iPhone LCD enters the final verification phase. Apple will soon introduce a new series of iPhone LCDs, tentatively nicknamed… Read More

A designer publishes a splendid concept of a foldable iPhone

Here’s what a foldable iPhone might look like in the future. A new concept shows a foldable i Phone does not have any of the disadvantages of the flexible screen phones released so far. Shows what an iOS device using this might look like in the future. The designer, Iskander… Read More

Nomad refreshes Apple Watch Base Station, now charges up to five devices, more

This morning, Nomad is introducing a refreshed version of its popular Base Station for Apple Watch. Upgraded internals deliver enough juice to power … Nomad refreshes Apple Watch Base Station, now charges up to five devices, more

The market share of the iPhone continues to grow

In a global smartphone market with growing challenges and declining sales, Apple is increasing its market share and increasing iPhone sales year on year during the last quarter of 2019. According to Gartner analysts, Apple and Xiaomi were the only suppliers in the big five to achieve market growth in the… Read More

Dark Mode officially arrives on WhatsApp

The company finally releases the long-awaited feature WhatsApp is finally releasing the Dark Mode on iOS and Android. After months of beta testing on both mobile operating systems, the dark mode is available for all users starting today. If system-level dark mode is enabled on iOS 13, WhatsApp… Read More

The probable design of the iPhone 12 shown in a new concept

According to many rumors, the iPhone 12 should have a design similar to the iPhone 4. 2020 will be a great year for this year’s new iPhone range. The biggest news is that it will be the first year ever in which Apple will release five… Read More