Apple ranks first in the ranking of 100 products with the best design of modern times

Fortune has published a list of 100 products with the best design of modern times, with products that have made people’s lives simpler, better and more elegant.

In the first position we find the iPhone . Luck cited the company’s unstoppable innovation in hardware and software design as the reason for its success, stating that it was ” a device that changed the way of life “.

Obviously, the iPhone isn’t the only Apple product on the list. In fact, in second place we find the Macintosh , which helped define what would become the personal computer.

The iPod took tenth place. The device was released in 2001 and has changed the way people listen to music forever.

In fourteenth position we find the MacBook Pro , which ” freed creative professionals from workstation computers “. The MacBook Pro was introduced in February 2006 as a professional portable Mac, replacing the PowerPC G4 and ushering in the Intel era.

The Apple App Store is also part of this special ranking, placing it in 22nd position. Since 2008, over two million apps have been made available to users, with Apple customers having made more than 100 billion downloads.

At the twenty-sixth position we find iOS . Fortune praised the operating system, calling it ” simple to use, yet powerful enough to work “.

The Apple Watch ranks in forty-sixth place, with the slogan ” The power of an iPhone in a device not much larger than a stamp “. The Apple Watch was a well-received addition to the smartwatch market. The device was originally announced in September 2014 with three key features: a precise and customizable watch, an intimate way to connect and communicate, a complete companion for health and fitness.

The last of the Apple products in the sixty-fourth position is Apple Pay . Fortune praised Apple Pay for its security and ease of use.

You can take a look at the complete Fortune leaderboard here .

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