Apple announces the new iPad Pro: with trackpad support, new camera keyboards and LiDAR 3D scanner

Apple has announced the new generation of iPad Pro with LiDAR scanner together with the new Magic Keyboard with built-in trackpad

pple has just announced the new generation of iPad Pro with improvements in the processor, new camera system and LiDAR scanner in addition to the launch of the new Magic Keyboard with trackpad.

Professional goals

Advanced cameras, large display, fast performance and ultra-precision sensors: these are the elements that have always made each iPad extremely versatile and capable. And now with iPad Pro you can do even more. The wide angle and the new ultra-wide angle help you compose the perfect shot when taking a photo or making a video. And thanks to professional-quality microphones and four-speaker audio, you can even set up a multi-camera set to shoot your movie.

LiDAR scanner

The technology LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) serves to calculate distances by measuring the time that light takes to reach an object and be reflected. It is so sci-fi that it will be used by NASA in the next mission to Mars. And now it is enclosed in iPad Pro, thanks to an engineering miracle that allowed to miniaturize it by adapting it to such a thin and light device.

Designed ad hoc, this LiDAR scanner is based on direct flight time (D-TOF) to measure the reflected light from a distance of up to 5 meters, both indoors and outdoors. To do this, it performs a photon level and speed reading in the order of nanoseconds, opening incredible possibilities in the field of augmented reality (AR) and beyond.

The LiDAR scanner works in close integration with cameras, motion sensors and the iPadOS operating system to create accurate depth maps. Thanks to this combination of hardware, software and profound innovations, iPad Pro is now the best AR device in the world.

Augmented reality

On the new iPad Pro, AR apps give even more likely results. Virtual objects are instantly inserted between physical ones, and thanks to an improved occlusion system they are able to pass in front of and behind the structures of the real world. Motion scanning and occlusion between people and virtual objects are also more accurate than ever. And all this will allow app developers to create even more immersive experiences.

Shoot and edit

The professional camera system makes iPad Pro incredibly versatile. You can shoot, edit and share 4K videos, all on the same device. You can photograph an entire room in one shot with ultra-wide angle and use handy tools to instantly redesign it. Or you can scan a document, sign or annotate it with Apple Pencil, and send it back with a few taps.

TrueDepth camera

The TrueDepth front camera makes it possible to operate Face ID, the most advanced facial recognition technology ever seen on a tablet (and on a computer). But it also allows you to talk with friends on FaceTime, to take a selfie in Portrait mode, or to give a more personal touch to the conversations in Messages transforming you into an Animoji.

A12Z Bionic

With the A12Z Bionic chip, iPad Pro outclasses most laptops. Everything you do is fluid and lightning-fast, from everyday things to workflows that require more intense use of graphics. And the 8-core graphics processor gives you top performance and even more realistic images in apps and games where speed is everything.

Pro performance

The A12Z Bionic chip was born to fully exploit the power of professional apps. When you edit 4K video, design in 3D and use augmented reality, everything happens smoothly thanks to the 8-core graphics processor. The optimized thermal design allows for higher peak performance and allows you to work longer at maximum power: fundamental aspects for professionals used to racing against time. And thanks to Apple’s Neural Engine, on-device machine learning opens the way for the next generation of specialist apps.

Magic Keyboard

The new Magic Keyboard is the soulmate of iPad Pro, 2 and is the most versatile keyboard ever created for iPad: very comfortable for writing, it has a trackpad that will let you discover all-new ways of working with iPadOS, it includes a USB-C port for pass-through charging, and protects the iPad on both sides. The hook is magnetic and the innovative design keeps iPad suspended above the keys, allowing you to tilt it freely to always find the optimal viewing angle.

Full-size keyboard

The new Magic Keyboard is a standard-sized keyboard specially designed for the iPad. It has single keys, similar to those of a laptop, with scissor mechanism and 1 mm excursion. And it is silent and precise: an invitation to write anything you want, from emails to business plans or the novel you had in your drawer. (And yes, thanks to the backlit keys you can also work at night.)

A whole new trackpad

Here is a trackpad that will let you discover new ways of working with iPadOS. You can click on its entire surface and use it to control the new cursor, which is precise and convenient when you edit a spreadsheet or you have to select single words or phrases. You can use the Multi-Touch gestures you already know how to browse, tap and scroll to move between apps or return to the Home. And just like on a notebook, you can also press with two fingers to right click.

Trackpad designed for iPadOS

Now you can use iPad with a trackpad, and discover many even more effective ways of doing what you want. The cursor has been reinvented to give the best in a touch interface and works in a contextual way, that is, it turns into the most suitable tool depending on the content on the screen. Try pointing it at buttons, texts and app icons and you will see it change shape. It is perfect when you want to work with great precision, for example if you need to edit spreadsheets and text documents. Together, the cursor and gestures on the trackpad offer you a new and even more efficient way to use iPadOS.

Availability and prices

The iPad will be available from March 25 and it will be possible to order it directly from the Apple website (given the closure of the Apple Retail Stores) or from Apple Authorized Resellers. The new iPad Pro will be available in the classic 11 ″ and 12.9 ″ cuts and in the memory cuts: 128GB (new, replaces the 64GB), 256GB, 512GB and 1TB .

The price of the 11 ″ iPad Pro starts from € 899.00 in the 128GB Wi-Fi version only up to € 1619.00 in the 1TB Wi-Fi Cellular version. The price of the 12.9 ″ iPad Pro starts from € 1119.00 in the 128GB Wi-Fi only version up to € 1839.00 in the 1TB Wi-Fi Cellular version.

The new Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro will be available soon and will cost from € 339.00 and will be compatible with the previous version of iPad Pro (2018).

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