Apple will no longer offer customers tests of AirPods and Apple Watch to prevent the spread of the corona virus

Apple continues to make changes in an attempt to reduce the new coronavirus global epidemic.

Apple is scaling back the test options of Apple Watch and AirPods in some of its retail stores as part of an effort to reduce the spread of the corona virus. (via   Business Insider )

The report indicates that Apple retail employees are currently required not to offer customers Apple Watch or AirPods (and AirPods Pro) tests . The goal is to reduce the possibility of spreading coronavirus from person to person. However, Apple Store employees were told not to stop customers from trying these products.

So if you really want to try an Apple Watch or AirPods, you can still do it.

Apple Store employees are asked not to encourage customers to try products such as Apple Watch and AirPods and to allow customers to do so only on demand. It is part of the broader measures that Apple is taking to protect its staff and customers during the current coronavirus epidemic. The company has also reduced the number of stools and chairs in stores to promote distance between people.

Additionally, Apple ordered extra cleaning of display products during the day, introduced hand sanitization stations, and reduced the number of chairs in the Genius bar and cubes in the forum area to add additional customer space.

In areas with more severe coronavirus outbreaks, Today at Apple sessions have been completely closed. An Apple spokesman confirmed that the company is actually limiting crowding in stores, but declined to specifically comment on the evidence.

The Apple Stores in the United States are all open at the moment, but in other areas hit hard by the corona-virus, such as in Italy , Apple has closed its stores.

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