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MacBook Pro with Edge-to-Edge and Face ID | displays CONCEPT

What if the new Mac Book Pro had a totally redesigned design? Viktor Kadar imagines them this way:

According to the recent report published by the well  known analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple is about to release a new version of the MacBook Pro, in 2019, with a 16-inch display. Frankly, we do not expect big revolutions in terms of design but a new concept shows us a hypothetical review that makes us and even a good slice of users dream.

As we can see in the video, all the shapes of the new hypothetical MacBook Pro would be rounded, recalling the new style imposed by Apple on the iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch, with the exception of the new iPad Pro, which has a flat and squared side frame.

MacBook Pro Concept from Viktor Kádár Design on Vimeo.

From the latter, however, the concept changes the features of the Edge-to-Edge display with rounded corners, reduced margins and a lot of “invisible” Face ID support , whose sensors could be hidden directly beneath the retina panel.

In line with this vision, Kuo assumes an increase of inches in the new MacBook Pro, which will leave unchanged the overall dimensions of the device by simply increasing the screen/surface ratio, thanks to a reduction of the side frame (as happened with iPhone X and Apple Watch Series 4 ).

The concept also imagines a keyboard that, more like the Smart Keyboard of the iPad Pro, moves away from the current “butterfly” mechanism, further enhancing comfort and precision.

Of course, all this is not very realistic and lends itself almost to science fiction, given the “historical” times that Apple employs to revolutionize their designs; It must be said, however, that the same company is used to standardize the style of its ecosystem so a future “Edge-to-Edge”, even for MacBook Pro, would not be ruled out


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