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Apple confirmed as the most admired company in the world

Despite its latest financial events, Apple remains on the podium in the annual Fortune ranking of the most admired companies in the world for the 12th consecutive year

The Cupertino company concluded placing itself before Amazon, 2nd place for the third consecutive year, while ” The Walt Disney Company” and the “Starbucks” coffee chain are among the top five positions.

The other big companies in the tech world see them in the rankings with Microsoft at the 6th, Google at the 7th and Samsung at the 50th place.

Apple is at the top of the list in every category, such as innovation, quality of management, social responsibility, use of corporate assets, financial strength, quality of products and services and global competitiveness.

The rankings have been determined by about 3,750 executives, analysts, directors and experts who have selected the 10 companies that have most admired, assigning a score to each category.

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