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Apple reassigns marketers to increase iPhone sales

At this time Apple is pushing a lot on the iPhone to increase sales. We have already seen the ongoing promotion on the trade-in where they are offered up to $ 100 more bringing the old iPhone to Apple to buy a new one. As soon as we open the American homepage, the first thing we read is “Buy an iPhone XR starting at $ 449” with the Apple GiveBack.

Even in Japan, the XR was discounted $ 100, in Italy we find it on Amazon and eBay at € 750 instead of € 889. Yesterday iPhone XR was given to the public of Ellen with a very strong marketing move and today Bloomberg publishes new information:

Apple has decided to move the Marketing staff of the other products, concentrating them all on the iPhone.

This move is a sort of admission that sales are lower than expected and then you run for cover with the right advertising.

As a result of all this, some phrases and images of the official website have already been changed. For example, in the Home of the iPhone XR there was first written only a sentence with effect but not very explanatory: “Brilliant. In every way “. Now instead we find the phrase: “All-screen design. Longest battery life ever in an iPhone. Fastest performance. Studio-quality photos. “

In short, the phone has been featured in all of its killer features that can attract consumers, which is full-screen design, the longest-lasting battery of any other iPhone, the most extraordinary performance and studio quality photos.

Apple in the past had been accused of giving too much attention and too much space to the iPhone at the expense of other products. In the last period the company had decided to concentrate a little more on Macs and iPads but it did not bring the right profits. As a consequence, most of the marketing staff have now been reassigned exclusively to the iPhone.

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