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The new iPad Pro can recharge the iPhone battery

One of the main novelties of the new iPad Pro and the USB-C port that replaces the Lightning one. Thanks to it we can recharge the battery of our iPhone but will need a special cable, not sold directly in the package of the two products.

On the market, there are products like the Huawei Mate 20 Pro smartphone, which are able to charge other devices via wireless charging. Apple wanted to replicate a similar concept between iPad Pro and iPhone, thanks to the introduction of the USB-C port. With the new iPad Pro, it will indeed be possible to charge an iPhone, as well as other devices via a USB-C / Lightning cable. This cable is unfortunately not sold in the packaging of the iPhone, nor in that of the iPad. If you want to take advantage of this feature of the two devices in your possession, Apple offers you the necessary cable for € 25 on their official website.  The same cable obviously can be found for less on Amazon.

It is, therefore, an interesting novelty, which will surely be used by many users. Too bad that once again Apple does not offer the necessary tools to be able to exploit it directly “out of the box”.

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