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The first Apple Pencil is not compatible with the new iPad Pro

After the official presentation of the new iPad Pro and Apple Pencil 2, quite relevant details emerged regarding the compatibility of the accessories. The new iPad Pro are not compatible with the old Apple Pencil, just as the old iPad Pro models do not support the new Apple Pencil 2.

During today’s event, the Cupertino company presented Apple Pencil 2. This has a touch-sensitive surface that will allow you to tap and swipe through which you can, for example, automatically change the size of the brushes, cancel the last change and so on. A touch with the Apple Pencil turns on the iPad and also opens the Note application. Equipped with a magnet, the new Apple Pencil can be easily attached to the iPad Pro and, through wireless technology, it will automatically recharge.

Comparing the technical specifications and the main features of the new iPad Pro we discovered a serious lack of compatibility with the Apple Pencil. Apple Pencil 2 is only compatible with the new iPad Pro models. The first Apple Pencil model is not compatible with the new iPad Pro.

This means that if you already have an Apple Pencil and want to buy the new iPad Pro to use it, you can not do it. So you have to buy again an accessory already in your possession, but taking advantage of the new features introduced with the second version.

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