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iPhone XR faster than OnePlus 6T and Note 9 despite 8GB of RAM [Video]

After the launch of the iPhone XR, the first comparative speed tests also arrived. The Apple smartphone managed to overcome the new OnePlus 6T and the recent Galaxy Note 9.

The new iPhone XR has undoubtedly the best processor of its competitors, but in terms of RAM has a much lower amount. In particular, on iPhone XR we find only 3 GB, while on OnePlus 6T and Galaxy Note 9 there are as many as 8 GB of this memory. Apple, however, has always been very good at optimizing its hardware and software, having the advantage of being able to design both. Precisely for this reason, the performance of this Apple smartphone is superior to its competitors, despite having a lower amount of RAM.

In the comparative tests below you can see how several applications are opened in sequence at the same time. This process wants to simulate the daily use of the smartphone, where we open more applications in sequence to check for example the email, the messages, and the various social networks. As you can see despite the low amount of RAM on iPhone XR, the smartphone is able to keep several applications saved in the background. In this way, the Apple smartphone has surpassed its competitors both at the first opening of the applications and at the second.




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