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iPhone XR is selling better than iPhone 8/8 Plus

Today Ming-Chi Kuo has released a new report on the pre-orders of the iPhone XR. As predicted previously, the new device has exceeded last year’s sales of the iPhone 8/8 Plus, despite still having excellent online availability and in stores.

Last week, Kuo changed its sales forecast for iPhone XR from 33-35 million to 36-38 million devices for the current quarter. In this way, its total sales estimates for iPhones went from 75-80 million up to 78-83 million in the last quarter of the year.

Today the famous analyst shared more details on the status of pre-orders of the iPhone XR. Kuo says that the demand so far has been greater than what Apple recorded with the iPhone 8/8 Plus last year, despite the excellent availability of the iPhone XR. The smartphone, in fact, after the start of the pre-orders, can still be purchased with the delivery scheduled on the day of launch on the market or immediately thereafter.

The analyst has specified how the iPhone XS have conquered mainly users who understand technology, while the iPhone XR will be more interesting for regular consumers, who usually do not have any “urgent need for replacement and upgrade” and are more focused on the budget.

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