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Apple Watch Series 4 is a monster! It has a computing power comparable to the iPhone 6s

Apple has not talked a lot about the computing power of the new S4 processor mounted on Apple Watch Series 4. A developer has therefore decided to implement a rather complex application, so you can test the performance of the smartwatch.

The 64-bit dual-core S4 processor designed by the Cupertino company for Apple Watch undoubtedly has a high computing power. Unfortunately, on watchOS there is no benchmark software to be able to calculate it specifically, but a developer has decided to put the Apple Watch Series 4 under stress with a dedicated application.

Steve Troughton-Smith created a trivial application, but at the same time, very complex from the point of view of the computing power required. Using metal rendering, he implemented a complex physical model, rendered in real time. Unexpectedly, the Apple Watch Series 4 managed to run the application without any problem at 60 frames per second.


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