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Former Apple employee arrested for selling company secrets

Xiaolang Zhang, a former Apple employee, has been charged and arrested by the FBI for illegally stealing and reselling confidential information about the Project Titan.

The man, hired in 2015, was part of the development team of the new autonomous driving system of Apple until last April when he announced his resignation to return to China and join the X-motors.

His behavior appeared immediately suspicious, given the sudden request and the unusual and repeated access to confidential company databases that alerted his supervisors. After a few weeks ‘ investigations, Zhang was surprised to download data on a personal device thanks to a video from a surveillance camera placed in the laboratory where the hardware and software prototypes related to the new system are contained.

The former Apple employee, accused of violating the confidentiality agreement with the company, was arrested last July 7 and now faces up to 10 years of imprisonment with the burden of having shared the documents in question with the startup for which he intended to work, or the X-motors that deals with the development of autonomous driving systems .

Zhang admitted to having copied the data, about 60% of which were reported as “secrets”, on his wife’s computer without any permission, data including photos, technical diagrams, patents and reports of engineers representing an escape of news, potentially serious, that Apple is trying to stem.

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