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iPhone 8 is the best-selling smartphone in the world, iPhone X “only” in third place

According to new data published by Counterpoint Research, Apple is the best-selling smartphone in May 2018. iPhone X say? No, iPhone 8, followed by Samsung’s Galaxy S9.

In April 2018, Apple was beaten by Samsung, with the Galaxy S9 at the top of the rankings. This time, however, iPhone 8, although very little, has surpassed the smartphone of the competition. In fact, both devices have conquered 2.4% of the global smartphone market during the month under review, but Apple has obtained the first position.

In the ranking, there are also two other smartphones from Apple, or iPhone X and iPhone 8 Plus. The first, with 2.3%, has reached the third position, the latest model Plus, however, only the fifth. It is also interesting to note the success of companies such as Xiaomi (with 5A and Redmi 5 Plus), Huawei, VIVO, and Oppo.

Counterpoint Research attributes the success of the iPhone 8 to the new commercials of Apple, like those of the campaign “How to shoot on iPhone”:

According to Counterpoint’s latest Market Pulse research, Apple has regained the top spot in the list of the best-selling smartphones in the world with iPhone 8. The strong promotion (“How to shoot on iPhone”) also FIFA World Cup 2018, has helped the technology giant to arouse interest in buyers in Europe and other markets.

What do you think of the success of the iPhone 8, which also surpassed the iPhone X? Is it all about Apple’s advertising campaigns? 



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