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Apple thought about removing the Lightning connector on the iPhone X

The well-known Mark Gurman, in addition to information on AirPower, revealed that Apple has been considering the idea of removing the Lightning port on the iPhone X.

« During the development of iPhone X, Apple has decided to remove the wire recharge system entirely. However, it was not feasible because wireless charging was slower than traditional methods. Including a wireless charger with the new iPhone would also have significantly increased the price of devices, “reads Gurman’s note.

The Apple expert has also made it known that the designers of the company in Cupertino hope to be able to “remove most of the external ports and keys on the iPhone”, even if it seems an achievable goal, not in the immediate future.

However, removing the Lightning connector could be a controversial and questionable decision, considering that this is not only used for wired recharging but also the transfer of data and audio content (for example synchronization with iTunes on PC and/or Mac). Not to forget the many MFi accessories (adapters, docks, houses with batteries, power bank and so on) that can be connected to the iPhone thanks to the Lightning port.

To date, the impression is that the Lightning connector can survive for other years.


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