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iOS 12 is now OFFICIAL: Performance and many new features are improving

After opening WWDC 2018 with some statistics, Tim Cook presented the long-awaited iOS 12, the new version of the operating system for iPhone and iPad. Here in detail all the news in the renovated firmware.

Improved performance

iOS 12 includes many improvements and optimizations. For iOS 12 Apple has doubled the performance compared to iOS 11. The new firmware will be available on all devices for which it was also available iOS 11, ie all devices from 2013. On iOS 12, the app will start on 40 % faster, the keyboard will be 50% more responsive and the camera up to 70% faster.

CPU performance now adapts to content. When we start an application, a boost immediately occurs, whereas before the action took more time.

ARKit 2

A new file format was created to share and integrate animations. The file will have a USDZ extension. Thanks to software like Photoshop, it will be possible to create 3D objects for virtual reality through ARKit. In this regard, Adobe has become an Apple partner.

Thanks to the new USDZ file, it is possible to integrate 3D objects even within publications, articles, websites and so on. E-commerce can show items to purchase that, with a click, can be viewed within the environment in which we are in real size thanks to ARKit 2.

ARKit 2 improves Face Tracking, makes objects rendering more realistic, includes 3D Detection and can also be shared with other users. As it was rumored, it will be possible to interact with other players in the same room from different devices with ARKit 2. Apple has already started working with LEGO on ARKit 2 and, during the conference, demonstration of a multiplayer game was shown.

Thanks to 3D Detection, the application can recognize a real construction and make it virtual and, therefore, interactive. In practice, it will be possible to create an entire virtual world starting from something physical. We can position characters and start adventures. A friend can add his character and move in the same space with us.

We can even enter buildings, shops, and buy food to feed our characters. In case of disasters, like a fire, we can call the firemen to tame the flames.


The application is improved. The “Search” feature in iOS 12 starts even before writing something, with Search Suggestions. Now we can search for Places, Events, and specific words.

When a friend agrees to receive photos from us, a message will be sent to him that will invite him to send us our photos.

In iOS 12 is also introduced the ” For You ” tab as in the App Store: in this section will be shown the photos taken 1 year ago, 2 years ago and so on. The photos that can be edited with effects will also be shown as suggestions.

When friends will be recognized in the photos, they will be included in the Share Suggestions, in such a way as to advise us to send the images to them too.


Siri is the most used virtual assistant in the world that, from now on, will be able to do more things. The first novelty is Shortcuts.

With the shortcuts, Siri will finally be able to learn things “manually”. For example, if in an application we save information, we can press the “Add to Siri” button and when we ask that information to the assistant, we will finally be able to answer!

Siri Suggestions shows us suggestions based on our habits. If we order coffee every day at 8.30, an automatic message will appear in Lockscreen at the same time. If we usually make a phone call to the same person after lunch, Siri will do the same.

Siri’s translations are now available in over 40 language pairs, with more knowledge about sports, celebrities, foods, and nutrition.

Shortcut App

Thanks to an application called Shortcut App, we can create all the Siri shortcuts we want! The shortcut editor looks a bit like the Workflow editor, an application that Apple acquired long ago. In this way, Siri will be able to learn everything we want.

Even in the existing Apps, developers can add the “Add to Siri” button combined with a specific action. The user must record the sentence to be pronounced to obtain that specific information or to start that precise action.

Shortcuts App is really the evolution of Workflow: it has an identical graphics even in the already existing Action Gallery. Here is finally discovered the reason for the acquisition of Workflow by Apple.

With the Shortcut app, we can then start a series of actions one after the other, and also choose a voice command to start the flow. So compared to the current Workflow we will not have to open the app and click Play, but simply invoke Siri!

App Measure

It is a “yardstick” for making rather precise measurements with augmented reality. We have seen so many in the App Store of similar applications but this, for obvious reasons, will certainly be better. It starts from a point, you press on the screen and move the phone. Immediately the measurement is obtained in inches and centimeters.
The app can automatically recognize the rectangles (similar to the Document Scanner app). So just frame something and you get automatically information about the measures.

Do not disturb

Often it happens that we wake up in the middle of the night, we want to see the time and we find a lock screen full of notifications that distract us and takes away sleep.

Then “Do not disturb during bedtime” is introduced, which can be set up automatically at night to show us a black screen with the clock and nothing else. In the control center, with the 3D Touch, we can choose what kind of “Do not disturb” we want to set.


Notifications on iOS 12 will become smarter and will be grouped by application! They can also be grouped by topic and, with a single swipe, we will be able to delete an entire group of notifications.


ScreenTime is introduced, another way to avoid distractions. Every week the iPhone will present our usage statistics and will show us how much time during the day and night we use the phone, which applications send us notifications more than others, with which apps we spend too much time.
We can even set usage limits for each application. For example, if we are spending too much time on Instagram we can decide to dedicate a maximum of 1 hour per day to this app and in the statistics will be reported the time currently spent in the app and what’s left.
Then there will be the Reminders, which will appear while using the app in question and that will remind us that (for example) there are only 5 minutes of use before reaching the limit. It is very useful especially for all those parents who want to monitor their children
Everything works with iCloud, so it also syncs with iPhone and iPad. All this will serve to better manage our time.

Messages and FaceTime

Animoji is a nice way to express our feelings. With iOS 12 will be added the Tongue Detection, thanks to which all the characters will also respond to the movements of our language. The ghost, the koala, the tiger and the t-rex will also be added.

The Animoji become even more personal: today Memoji is introduced today. These are personalized Animoji that we can create to resemble us, to what we would like to be or to some friends.

It works a bit like the creator of faces in The Sims, we can customize hair, facial features, accessories and so on.

In iOS 12 also changes the method of selection of Animoji: if we browse all, we will find the + key to create Memoji.

It starts with a bald head to which we can add hair and choose the color. The same applies to the eyes. In fact, there are hundreds of options to customize your character to the fullest. It’s really easy to create an avatar that, just like the animoji, will obviously respond to our expressions.

In this regard, the integrated camera in iMessage is also updated with nice effects:

We will find a star that opens a panel of effects: we can apply filters, stickers, and even animoji or Memoji that we can replace our head, applying them directly to our body. When we are satisfied we can take the picture and then send it.


Finally, the group video call was introduced on FaceTime which will support up to 32 people at the same time!

FaceTime is now integrated into Messages: this means that even in groups of messages we can press the key and call altogether. The interface dynamically shows larger or smaller people within their own tab. Just speak to have the largest card automatically:

With a double touch, we can also arbitrarily enlarge the image of any person we desire. The same effects of iMessage are also added within FaceTime. So we can also make video calls with Animoji:

Apple Books has a new design that allows you to find and read books and audiobooks more easily. With the Book Store section, it is easier to explore the new titles and browse through the rankings, the collections selected by the editorial staff and the special offers.

Even Apple News has a new design to more easily discover new channels and topics or to go directly to favorites. And on the iPad, a new sidebar simplifies navigation even further.

Wallet on iPhone and Apple Watch is now compatible with student ID cards, so it is easier to access everything on campus.


The preview of iOS 12 for developers is available to members of the Apple Developer Program starting today, and during the month will be available the public beta for all users of iOS .com.

12 iOS will be available in the fall as a free software update for iPhone 5s and later, all models iPad Air and iPad Pro, iPad 5th generation, 6th generation iPad, iPad mini 2 and later and iPod touch 6th generation. To learn more: The described functions could be modified. Some features may not be available in all languages or in all geographic areas.









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