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350 million users are ready to upgrade their iPhone in 2018

According to the analyst Daniel Ives of GBH Insights, Apple will be able to sell about 350 million new iPhones scheduled for 2018.

The analyst’s prediction, also published on Business Insider, is clearly based on a basic logic. According to Ives in fact, Apple this year will introduce three new iPhone models, as already voiced by other sources. This will allow the company to expand its iPhone line and offer the public numerous purchase options.

The analyst then cited an interesting fact concerning the current iPhone models. In 2017, three iPhone, two iPhone 8 and an iPhone X were released. The first two did not sell much due to the lack of innovation brought, while the iPhone X struggled on the market due to its high price. Many expected a substantial update, like the one presented by the iPhone X, but not everyone was willing to spend the amount necessary to take it home. All these users will have the opportunity to switch to a new generation iPhone this year, with very low costs.

Things should change substantially this year. First of all, we will have three new models, including a new iPhone X, an iPhone X Plus, and another low-cost device. In addition to this, we will add the iPhone X model of last year, which will be easily found at 700-800 €. All of this will explode sales of Apple, which according to the analyst in question, will be able to distribute 350 million iPhones in less than 18 months.


What do you think about it? Have you already switched to the new iPhone generation in 2017 or are you waiting for this year?

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