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Lockscreen of iOS 12 with integration to Complications | Concept

Filipe Espósito, pending the release of iOS 12, which we remember will be announced during the WWDC 2018 on June 4, has released an interesting concept that sees the ” complications” of Apple Watch integrate with iPhone.

Many users do not expect a big change, because of rumors about Apple that would have decided to focus on performance improvements, but Espósito has created this concept based on the wishes of different users.

On the Apple Watch, the user can choose some complications that appear immediately after turning on the clock screen and displaying quick information on some applications, such as weather, bag or reminder.

On the iPhone, this feature can be added to the system lock screen, depending on the user’s choice or even Siri’s suggestions.

For users with iPhone X, there will also be the ” always on ” mode that displays this information on a black background, which saves battery.

When you touch the screen, the other elements and the background will be displayed with a fading effect.

In the concept block, screen widgets can be expanded with a touch using the 3D Touch. It can also be used to group multiple notifications from the same application, as shown in the following image; with the missed calls summarized in the phone icon. Even the audio controls would be turned into a ” complication “

In addition to the lock screen with complications, Filipe imagines a new volume indicator on iOS 12 that does not disturb the display of the content on the screen. On iPhone X, this indicator appears for a few seconds in the upper left corner of the screen, only when the volume buttons are pressed

To conclude, of course, could not miss the long-awaited Dark Mode.

And what would you like to see on iOS 12?

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