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Apple will launch an inexpensive HomePod with the Beats brand: it will not have Siri

We have already talked several times about the possibility of seeing a cheaper version of HomePod, today is a supplier of Apple to provide more information about it. 

Well, the new speaker will be produced by Beats, which of course belongs to Apple, but will be branded “Beats”. 

MediaTek will play a key role in the production of this speaker that will enjoy Apple technologies such as support for AirPlay2, a system of quick coupling with the iPhone and other devices of the company but totally without Siri, which will remain exclusive to HomePod. 

The new Beats speaker will actually be an economical version of HomePod as it should cost $ 199. Thanks to AirPlay 2 you can use together with the HomePod and the new Beats speaker, playing music in stereo or in several rooms at the same time. 

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