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WhatsApp for Android continues to store images and videos on servers, even after deletion

Whatsapp has silently added a new feature in the Android version of the application that on the one hand is a benefit and on the other raises new controversy. Until recently, when an Android user received an image or video from a friend and then deleted the files downloaded from the Gallery> Whatsapp folder, it was automatically no longer able to view the media within Whatsapp. Now, however, Whatsapp allows you to download the deleted content again.

This means that Whatsapp continues to keep a copy of the files on its servers, even after successfully downloading them.

The function was already partially present previously but with one difference: the multimedia files sent were stored for a maximum of 30 days on the server in case it was not possible to deliver them. Once delivered, however, they would be eliminated immediately.

Things have changed now. The file continues to remain on the server despite the correct delivery and there is no longer even the 30-day limit.

In fact, carrying out some tests, the guys from WABetaInfo have discovered that they are able to download images and videos received 2 months before. With some attempts, even 3 months before.

On multimedia files there continues to be an end-to-end encryption key, so there is not much to worry about in terms of security, but the function raises some doubts and is in contrast with what is stated in the terms of service (which they will probably still be updated). All this on iOS does not happen for the moment.

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