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Tony Fadell, the “father of iPod”: “Apple must do something to counter the iPhone’s addiction”

Tony Fadell, former Apple employee also known as the “father of iPod”, believes that Apple has a responsibility to counter the problem of iPhone addiction. According to him what is needed is the equivalent of a council on nutrition and then a way to keep track of our “consumption”.

Fadell explained his thoughts in an interview with Wired: «When we talk about digital “nourishment”, we do not know what a “vegetable”, a “protein” or a “fat” is. What is “overweight” or “underweight”? How is a moderate and healthy digital life? I believe that producers and app developers should take responsibility for this before government regulators intervene – as with nutrition labels. […] I believe that Apple to maintain, and even see, grow its user base can address this problem from the platform, giving users the ability to understand much more about how they use their devices. To do this, it should allow people to trace their digital business in detail, and on all devices. ”

The former depend Apple also hopes in news that make more healthy the use of devices such as smartphones and tablets: ” Apple could also allow users to set their devices in” listening only “or” read-only “mode, so they do not be disturbed by the constant vibrations of the notifications while reading an e-book ».

What do you think of Fadell’s thought? Apple has changed our lives with its devices, but now is the time to intervene to counter a form of addiction?

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