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A beautiful Concept imagines the next Apple headphones with a design inspired by HomePod [Video]

After seeing a – not too captivating – Concept of curved iPhone, let’s redone our eyes with another concept created by the guys at Curved-Labs. These are new over-ear headphones, with which Apple could recall the style of HomePod further increasing that sense of continuity typical of the company.

The new headphones were designed in both white and sidereal gray, just like HomePod. On the pavilion, we find a sort of display with access to Siri. The whole body of this accessory is very compact and smooth, alternating with grid areas, just like the domestic smart speaker.

The idea is very interesting but also the concept is really well done. The last touch is given by an induction base for charging the headphones that can be held on a table rather than hooked to a wall creating a really nice effect.


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