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Bloomberg: Apple is planning a curved iPhone with less gestures on the touchscreen!

According to a recent report shared by Bloomberg, Apple is thinking of revolutionizing the way we interact with the iPhone. However, this change is still in the experimental phase and will not be integrated so soon.

The iPhone screen is definitely an important element of the smartphone. Thanks to it and its touchscreen surface, we can interact with the phone software. Many gestures we have been using every day, such as a scroll or pinch to zoom, have existed for a long time. In 2015 Apple introduced a new method of interaction with iOS. We are talking about the 3D Touch, introduced for the first time on the Apple Watch and immediately on the iPhone 6s.

According to reports from Bloomberg, Apple is thinking of a new method of interaction with iOS. Soon the iPhone could have special sensors to recognize our movements, without having to touch the screen. It is still unclear how they will be able to realize a similar technology, nor how it will actually be used in iOS.

Bloomberg says, however, that it will take another 3 years to see this technology in a new iPhone.

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